Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Very Special Wednesday

A couple of weeks ago I had a Wednesday off  to spend with a friend. 

We traveled to Queen Anne Hill in Seattle and visited a fabulous shop called Nancy's Sewing Basket.  We spent every moment of our trip to Seattle chatting and catching up.  Upon entering the shop there might have been a moment of silence before the oohs and aahs started.   We spent some time looking at so many wonderful fabrics and an endless variety of patterns and books.  We worked our way to the back of the store and found the Ribbon Room, it was amazing.  They have so many different types of ribbon and trims and seam binding.  You can find beautiful lace, so many buttons, silk millinery flowers, and many other wonderful things to look at, you must look around this little room at least twice.  I really think I should go back again soon because I am sure I missed half of what was in there.

I purchased a little measuring tape ribbon and seam binding and a couple of pieces of fabric for embroidery projects.  It was a wonderful time spent with someone who loves sewing and creating as much as I do.  We went to lunch at a place that is well known to locals, Dick's Drive In.  We were able to continue our chatting through lunch and all the way home. 
  It was a very special Wednesday, thanks Robin.