Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sunshine, Raspberries and Quilt Blocks

It has been raining pretty hard these past couple of days so it is fun to think about the sunny days last week.  Picking raspberries with Emalynn is always fun.  She is pretty good at looking for the ripe red berries.

She ate every raspberry she picked.

I was able to complete a couple of quilt blocks so I am almost caught up with the blocks of the month I am doing this year.  

Sugar Block Club 2014 June Block, look at the different blocks here on Flickr

Building Foundations Block 16 at Row House Creations

I did a little organizing in my sewing room and started painting, I will share the progress soon.  I was motivated by the "Where Bloggers Create" party.  If you haven't been to the party, click here and take a look.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


I have always enjoyed using Jenny's designs and really love her new quilt pattern.  Visit her blog and see the new design and enter her giveaway.

Jenny of ELEFANTZ: GIVEAWAY to celebrate my beautiful new quilt!: Designing, stitching, piecing, photographing, and writing a pattern that makes sense to the reader can be akin to watching the kettle boil....

Friday, July 11, 2014

Where Bloggers Create 2014

I really love my little slanted ceiling upstairs sewing room.  It is cluttered with little treasures and projects in all stages of the creative process.

I have old tables that belonged to my grandparents and a mish mash of dressers and other odds and ends for furniture.

I do have a plan to put all of this in order and a color scheme in mind but I get so busy sewing and with other projects and my sewing room makeover just keeps being put aside.

This little mouse by Diane Freeman Designs is a new addition to my sewing room.  I found this sweet little mouse while browsing in an antique store with my sister Becky in Beaumont, California.

The pillow on the left was a project from the Ruffles blog hop, it was fun to make.

My sewing machine cover is not new but I love it because it is a combination of embroidery and a little quilting.

My dress form is also new to my space.  I am looking forward to fixing her up and she should probably have a name.   My sister Michele, who is a treasure hunter at heart found her for me.

It is nice to have a space to clutter up with little things that are special to me and make me think of special people in my life.  The little cats belonged to my mom and each item in these pictures has a little story behind it.

Who doesn't love lace.

So many buttons!

And trims of all types and colors.

This is the area that really needs attention.  The fabrics are stacked on wire racks that sag and wobble.  I have a bookcase and shelves that it will be sorted, stacked and neatly placed on.  I was hoping to have it done before taking pictures but now I will be able to show you before and after.

This wire basket is full of projects waiting for completion.  Some just begun, others almost done and still others in the middle of the process.  I can't wait to get that basket emptied.

The embroidered picture below shows my color scheme for this room.  I want a cheerful light turquoise on the walls with white furniture and a few cheerful accents.  We'll see what happens.

I hope you enjoyed visiting today and that you enjoy visiting the others who have linked up for 
Click on the link above and visit others who have linked up for this fun blog tour.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Walk in the Garden

First I wanted to share these fun quilt blocks that have a garden feel.  The two blocks below are
Aurifil Designer 2014 Blocks of the Month.

June Block

May Block
I plan to get the July block ready to stitch today.

I thought it would be fun to share what we did with an old garden gate that we got from my sister.  It did not fit the opening to our back yard but I think it changes the feel of the old cyclone fence that it there now.

I think the new gate goes well with the rusty arbor covered with an Akebia vine.

Just to the right of the gate are raspberries waiting to be picked.  I love to eat them as I pick them but have managed to get a few to the freezer.

My Faithful Friends quilt is bound and ready to be mailed to someone special.

I think it is time to go pick and eat a few raspberries.. 
I hope joy in the little blessings today.