Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm Reading " Muffins and Mayhem"

I have a book I want to share with you.  It is called "Muffins and Mayhem" by Suzanne Beecher.   Suzanne is the creator of, an online book club.  If you like to read you should check this sight out.  I have been reading Suzanne's Dear Reader column for several years.  You can choose what types of books you want excerpts from, a five minute read Monday through Friday.  I have chosen Fiction, Romance and Non-Fiction.  My intent was to find new books to order for my library customers.  I don't always have time to read the book excerpt but always read the Dear Reader column.

Here I have my muffin, my book and just need to brew some tea

Suzanne's book has many recipes, I have used some of her recipes that I have read about in her column.
Her Chicken Waikiki Beach recipe has become a family favorite.

The cover is great.
It seems like I know Suzanne, after reading her Dear Reader column for a few years.

When I heard that her book was being published I pre-ordered it.  I let Suzanne know that I had ordered her book for myself and she sent me this bookplate.

I am going to get started on this book tonight and I am sure it will be a great read.  I'll keep you posted.
I hope you didn't think you were lost when you came to visit my blog.  I wanted to make my blog a little more personal and ended up making some major changes.  I still have some tweaking to do with the header.  What do you think about the changes?

Monday, July 26, 2010

I Found Some Things Bloomin'

I found a few surprises these past couple of days.  The first thing I noticed was that everything was very dry.  We are having some warm weather here now and have been so busy we haven't thought too much about watering.  Here is what I found in spite of the heat and lack of water.

Leucanthemum (I call them  fluffy Shasta Daisies)



I tried to get a closer picture of this little dragonfly (?) but whenever I got closer it moved further away.


Stachys macrantha

Spiraea japonica

Limonium (German Statice is what I always called it)

A neglected rose in the rose bed

I love this flower but can't tell you what it is called, my mind goes blank,
maybe you can help me remember.

This is our back garden along the driveway.  It was all weeds and stumps a couple of years ago.  We bought plants at the end of  the season starting two summers ago and is now all filled in.  It is now much better to look at when driving by or pulling in. There is a large stump in the back now covered in ivy, we keep it trimmed back because ivy goes crazy.

I will be linking to Bloomin' Tuesday. Go see what's BLOOMIN' this week.

The Polka Dot Closet and Romantic Homes

One of my very favorite magazines that I have subscribed to for quite a while is Romantic Homes.  I was reading some  of the blogs I follow and found out that Carol Turner at The Polka Dot Closet was going to be featured in the "Make It" section of the September 2010 issue.  I "met" Carol and started following her blog back in March when I won her "Cottage Charm" giveaway. 
Remember my lovely tray?
Here it is.

  Handmade by Carol

When  I got home from work today I checked the mail and found my Romantic Homes Magazine waiting for me.

I love to sit with a cup of tea and read this cover to cover.

This is one of the pages where Carol is featured.

Do you remember using paper dolls?  We spent hours playing with our paper dolls and making new clothes for them to wear.  Carol has a creative way of using old paper dolls and other vintage items.

Take a look at Carol's blog and her shop, don't forget to enter her giveaway.  I know you will enjoy your visit.  

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer Thyme Block

I have been working on a little embroidery when ever I get the chance.  My Mom always used to tell me that I always seemed to have something in my hands that I was either working on or reading.  I rarely watch a television program or movie without a project to work on.  This is my latest embroidery, block two of a four block project.  Summer Thyme Block from the Winter All Year Long series from PEACE CREEK COLLECTIONS.

Summer Thyme Block
Here is a picture of Spring Thyme Block
and Summer Thyme Block
Click here to see Spring Thyme Block up close and another project from Peace Creek Collections.
I am looking forward to the next two blocks and then seeing what it will look like all put together.  Thank you Linda at Prairie Flower Farm for offering this pattern.

Monday, July 19, 2010

What's Bloomin In Our Garden?

I was back to work after a couple of weeks off and things went pretty well.  I still have a little energy left so I decided to grab my camera and take my Monday stroll around our garden.  What will I find for a "Bloomin Tuesday" post.  As usual, I was surprised by how many new flowers I found.

Liatris spicata or Gay Feather in the back garden

Coreopsis (I think its moonbeam)

Campanula rotundifola olympica

Shasta Daisies (short version)

Hydrangea (small compact plant with white flowers)

Hostas near the front deck

Perennial Phlox

Closer view of the phlox.  I planted two plants last summer so these are my first blossoms.

Whorled Sage and our cat Lily
Salvia verticillata "Purple Rain"
 She has been following me around so I let her sneak into the picture.

Astrantia or Masterwort
This is one of my very favorite plants, it grows in the shade of a Japanese Maple near our back porch

I always enjoy strolling through my garden to see what's bloomin.  I hope you enjoyed your visit too. 
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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Thrifty Treasures

I have been reading blogs for about a year now and have been amazed at some of the treasures people find at garage sales and thrift stores.  I have found quite a few in great deals in times past but it has been a while since I made a great find.  Friday morning, everything changed.  My husband called me to tell me about a moving sale not far from our house that I should stop at.  So on my way to church to see the closing of VBS I stopped and this is what I found.
8 pillows, in great shape, $2 a piece (the one hiding behind the others is green toile on one side and chenille on the other)

Hooked rug, in need of cleaning, (I already cleaned it) $5

Footstool, never used $10

Two hinged wooden boxes $1 each (it will be fun decorating these)

Lamp and shade, great condition $5

Shabby chic terrarium box $4

storage box/table $2
We already had the dog

I will have to do a little repair work on the outside of top

five yellow and one green bowl $3

The footstool found a new home immediately,  I will probably trade it with the one in the bedroom when I do my living room redo.

I will try to post pictures of these items in their new homes, if they stay here in our home.  We bought a few garden tools and a ladder that I didn't take pictures of.  The total cost of the things I showed you was $47.  That was a fun moving sale!

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wow! I can't believe I won.

Last evening I was getting ready to send an email message when I noticed a few new messages.  One was from Anne at Fiona & Twig.  Her message was telling me that I had just won her giveaway.  I had to read it twice to make sure that I was not mistaken.  I am so surprised and excited about winning.  I have enjoyed my visits to Anne's blog and I know that you will too.  Go visit and congratulate them on their new home purchase.  Thanks Anne and CSN for your giveaway and Congratulations on the new home.