Thursday, July 15, 2010

Quiet Thursday Morning

We just returned from the airport where we dropped off our oldest son Nathan and his family.  They are beginning their trip back to South Carolina.  We have had a good but busy time together.  The almost two weeks since the first visitors arrived has gone by so quickly.  It is very quiet here with me and the dog and cat here at home.  I look around and see the many things I could be doing but don't know where to start.  I do think I will get busy so that I don't think too much about how quiet it is.  Which sewing project should I get started on?  I'll water some plants, do a little vacuuming and make a decision, I think it will be our grandson Tony's quilt. 

Adria and Lily

Hannah with Faith and Grace

Hannah and Adria ready to fly back home

We'll miss you!


  1. Ha! we are the reverse of you! I live in SC and my oldest son lives near Seattle! It is such a long trip!!

  2. Beautiful family! I know you all had fun together.

  3. Oh lucky you with grandkids.My girls dont want any I know at least my oldest doesnt.Im keeping my fingers crossed for the youngest whos 25 now to have one in the future when she marries.

    Lovely girls,thanks for sharing and thanks so much for the sweet comment left on my blog!~~Becky

  4. We love and miss you mom. Love Nathan

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog, looking forward to getting to know you through the sisterhod!