Monday, July 26, 2010

I Found Some Things Bloomin'

I found a few surprises these past couple of days.  The first thing I noticed was that everything was very dry.  We are having some warm weather here now and have been so busy we haven't thought too much about watering.  Here is what I found in spite of the heat and lack of water.

Leucanthemum (I call them  fluffy Shasta Daisies)



I tried to get a closer picture of this little dragonfly (?) but whenever I got closer it moved further away.


Stachys macrantha

Spiraea japonica

Limonium (German Statice is what I always called it)

A neglected rose in the rose bed

I love this flower but can't tell you what it is called, my mind goes blank,
maybe you can help me remember.

This is our back garden along the driveway.  It was all weeds and stumps a couple of years ago.  We bought plants at the end of  the season starting two summers ago and is now all filled in.  It is now much better to look at when driving by or pulling in. There is a large stump in the back now covered in ivy, we keep it trimmed back because ivy goes crazy.

I will be linking to Bloomin' Tuesday. Go see what's BLOOMIN' this week.


  1. Hi ya Sherry, Oh I love perrenial flowers, especially the hardy ones.

  2. I love all your beautiful flowers! They are so pretty to see. Things here are so hot right now, there isn't much blooming in my yard. I've been ignoring my yard a little. You've inspired me to get back out there. There's beauty waiting to blossom under those weeds. Thanks for the pictures and the inspiration.

  3. Beautiful blooms this week Sherry. Love those Fluffy Shasta Daisies, so interesting. :)

  4. Nice collection of flowers here, love your back bed!

  5. Love the name 'fluffy Shasta Daisies'. They are so pretty.

    What a great job on the driveway garden. It's amazing how fast some plants can fill in.

  6. forgot to say that the flower you can't remember may be globe amarath. ?

  7. Flowers look great, I love dragon flies too, always fun to watch as long as they don't "land" on you!! prickly feet ick

  8. Very nice! Love the garden bed by the driveway. I bet it was a lot of work getting that going, but definitely worth it!

  9. I never think to post for Bloomin' Tuesday because my attempt to grow things is so sad. However, I did find one rose today and I thought, "I should take a picture!" Now that I've seen your beautiful flowers- thanks so much for sharing, I will take a picture. Your garden is amazing and every bloomin tuesday post is uplifting.

  10. Seems your garden is thriving without you. I just got a daisy that is simular to your Shasta. I love yours. Great post! Jean

  11. It's hard to pick a favorite, but that "neglected" rose is gorgeous!

  12. Hi. Thanks for sharing your pretty garden. Just noticed you live in Washington. What city? I live in Brush Prairie.
    ~ Julie

  13. Love your blooms - they all look great! Paula in Idaho

  14. We seem to be having the exact opposite problem, too much rain. All of our plants are getting waterlogged.

    Your flowers all look so pretty! I can't believe that dragonfly wouldn't hold still and let you take pictures! what nerve! LOL

    Have a wonderful day!