Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Look What's Bloomin In Our Gardens

I found a few blooms in my yard, and I know I missed several in the back part of the property.  I thought I would share a few.

Hydrangea, I love this sprawling plant.  I am not sure of exact name, I have it around here somewhere.

Rose Campion

Some of the many lavender plants in our gardens.

Pansies by the front door


White pincushion flower and red yarrow

I haven't been blogging lately because of some very special visitors here from Wisconsin.  We have 7 of our 9 grandchildren with us now and the other 2 will arrive in a couple of days.  I thought I would share a few pictures of our very special blooms.

David, Julie, Brad, Michele, and Micah with Joshua (he really does like to be carried that way)

Landon, Noah and Samuel

Noah, Landon, Samuel, Lily, Caleb and Tony jumping up and down in the back of Uncle David's truck.

With all of the people around there is bound to be much more laundry to get done but with helpers like Noah that is not a problem

Uncle David and Samuel conversing at the dinner table.

Today we had a couple of little flowers visiting us for a while because their Mommy isn't feeling well.  Faith and Grace were enjoying playing in the backyard with Landon and Caleb and our dog Emmy.

Here they are in the sandbox

Sharing snacks with Emmy

This is Faith after she was reminded that the snacks are for her and not for Emmy.

She didn't know she was being watched.
She just had to share one!

Landon, Grace and Faith

Caleb working hard in the garden.

It is sunny today so the plants all need a little water.

It sure is great to have so many colorful blossoms in our garden this week.  Take a look at Bloomin Tuesday and see what 's bloomin in other parts of the world.


  1. I am just this year trying my hand (thumb ;-) at gardening so it's all very new to me. I love the Yarrow plants - I'm going to need to see if that's something that will grow in my area. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. The white pin cushion and the red yarrow are really striking todether. You do have a houseful! I'm glad you're getting some help in the garden. lol! Jean

  3. Hi!
    All your blooms are beautiful. I love your Yarrow, very pretty. Have a great day!

    My Gardening Woes

  4. How wonderful! I can't wait for the day I too have these special blossoms-enjoy!

  5. Thank you for sharing all of your blooms! I love seeing what everyone has in their gardens! I'm really liking the rose campion so I may have to get some :)

  6. Oh I really like the white pincushion with the yarrow! I have seen the blue pincushion but not the white, it's beautiful! I also enjoyed the pictures of the children in the garden, so precious.

  7. Sherry ~

    I have tagged you with a blog award for being a "Versatile Blogger", please come by my blog and see...

  8. I like the two-legged blooms the best. You are growing such adorable grandchildren. Nine is such an accomplishment- way to go. Oh, and I love the flowers. I'm becoming rather found of the yarrow. I have seen it on other blogs and it seems to balance a garden very nicely. The red is especially stunning.

  9. Looks like you had your hands full, or should I say TRUCK FULL!!?