Monday, January 3, 2011

After Christmas Thrifty Finds

This year I did not do much "After Christmas Shopping".  Last week while out on a route for work I did stop by one of my favorite places to look at holiday decorations, it is called Wight's.  The young woman at the counter told me that the day after Christmas was crazy and people pushed each other to get what they wanted.  That kind of shopping is not for me.  This is what I found on my stroll through Wight's on my lunch break last week.
First I will show you my trees
I always try to but one or two of these each year.  I bought this little one before Christmas.

These two I bought at 50% off last week. 
 They are a little different, but I was drawn to them when we were shopping for ornaments for our family before Christmas.

I also bought these at 50% off.

I am not sure what they were displayed to be used for but I have several ideas about ways to use my $2.50 hangers.  Here is an example of how they might be used.
I was thinking about some of the needlework I am working on or have finished hanging on these little hangers.  They could be spray painted to match if necessary.  Any ideas for other ways to use them?  I may stop by tomorrow on my break to see if they have all been sold.
O.K., now it is time to put a few Christmas decorations away, at the rate I am going it will take me days.

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  1. I never knew they were hangers! Very unique finds. And yes, they would look great great hanging your needlework.

  2. Oh wow,, Sherry, where did you find the hangers? Gosh, I wish I had some for gifts I am making for some family birthdays coming up.

    By the way, if you get a chance, pop over to my I Owe it All to Him blog...I've featured you as a Guest Artist and you're also welcome
    to announce it on your blog and you can take my Guest Artist button too!!

  3. Love your new acquisitions. Happy week to you...

  4. So pretty. I love to pick up a few after-Christmas bargains but I haven't been out to the stores since before Christmas. I guess I did enough shopping then to last me quite a while. Now that I see your trees, I kind of wish I had made more of an effort.

  5. Technically Christmas isn't over...isn't today the 11th Day of Christmas? The Epiphany is on Jan. 6th when the wise men came to see baby Jesus and after that, Christmas is over (I think!) but for me it's really never over. I love it and keep my tree up till Valentine's Day sometimes...who cares, I live alone and Gizzy doens't mind LOL

    Your little trees are adorable and the hangers look so unusual and ornate. I don't think I've ever seen such hangers before, but I like the way you are planning on using them...

  6. Love all your great "finds" Hope you have a healthy and happy New Year. I have enjoyed keeping up with your blog. Susan

  7. I looked at the hangers and wondered what you could do wit them. Great idea. I guess I'm missing the creative gene but I'm getting a transplant looking at all these beautiful blogs. Take care.

  8. cute hangers! great deal.

    I would use them to adorn one of my many wood projects. :)


  9. What pretty hangers...thanks so much for coming to my PARTY!!!!


  10. Those little hangers are adorable. I also love those little tree's, I have a few that belonged to my sister and look forward to adding more.
    Hope you have a wonderful new year.


  11. Hi Sherry, I'm popping over from Cindy's place to say hello. Love those little bottle brush trees. I found a few here last year but didn't see any around this time. Your use for those hangers is absolutely fantastic. Your snowman piece is very cute! Best wishes to you for a happy day. Tammy

  12. Love these awesome finds especially the hangers. Aren't you glad you stopped by?
    I'm visiting from Nifty Thrify Tuesday.
    Happy New Year.

  13. I love all of your finds Sherry and your post abt the snow and blessings was truly beautiful! If only we are to remember every day how very truly blessed we are.