Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Love Weddings

There are many blessings that come with being a pastor's wife. 
My husband is often officiating weddings and attending rehearsals and sometimes the rehearsal dinners and I often tag along.  These times are an extra blessing when the bride is someone you have known since the day she was born.

The grooms mother added many wonderful details to the table to make the rehearsal dinner a special time.

Menu with a picture of Brandon and Makayla

I tried to get pictures of all of the special touches.

The bride and groom look pretty happy and relaxed.

Patti, the brides mom and a dear friend.  We met when my husband became the pastor here over 22 years ago.

Makayla and her dad Randy

I pray that God will bless this marriage as they follow Him every day.


  1. As a retired pastor's wife I know just what you mean. How special it is when those kids grow up into lovely friends and marry their perfect partners! That looks like it was a lovely wedding!

  2. These were lovely pictures. It was so nice seeing you at the wedding, Sherry!

  3. Oh such nice photos of the wedding day. I just love weddings and brides. I usually cry even if don't know who's getting married.
    Marianne :)