Sunday, January 22, 2012

I Love Pincushions

While visiting some fun blogs today I found that at Love Laugh Quilt was having a Pincushion Parade link party.  I have not had the chance to look at all of those participating but I plan to.  I thought it would be fun to share a few, or most of my pincushions.

This lavender scented pincushion sits by my bed for late night projects.

This pincushion I purchased at a little fabric store while visiting Maui a few years ago.

My sister Michele gave me this sweet little bird.

This pincushion was a gift from a librarian I worked with in San Diego in the 70's.  I made her wedding suit and she brought this back from a trip to visit her family. 

A pincushion from one of last years swaps.

This was my grandmothers little sewing box, I love the little pincushion.

Hearts and Flowers cross stitch pincushion.

Tomatoes made by my sister Lynda.

Fall pincushion I made for my sister's birthday gift.

Crocheted cupcake, flower pot and tea cup I made last year.

I was part of the Shabby Fabrics pincushion of the month last year and I did not keep up with making them. I will  have several pincushion kits to work on throughout this year.
Visit Love Laugh Quilt and see the others participating in the Pincushion Parade.


  1. I collect pin cushions too!! I have a litle dutch shoe, but mine is not painted it is jsut plain brown wood. You have some really nice ones.

  2. You have so many adorable pin cushions, Sherry!

  3. Love the teapot, the fall one, the sewing box, the bird.. Oh my i think i love them all!!
    Have a nice day

  4. Sherry your pincushions are precious. Each one has such an individual personality. What a fun item to collect. Happy Heart Hugs...

  5. What a sweet collection, I'd like to hear the stories behind all of them!

  6. Yes, sweet sweet! Very dainty and feminine collection! It's so wonderful to have your grandmother's box!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  7. these little pincushions are so cute. How are you?