Monday, April 23, 2012

Long Forgotten Block of the Month

I have posted a few times about the progress on my Block of the Month projects and after seeing someone's "A Tisket a Tasket" blocks who whas participating in BOM Rehab I decided to dig mine out of the drawer and get back at it.  As I was looking through the drawer I found this project The Flower Garden Quilt. 

My first thought upon finding this was that it must be a least 5 years since I received these blocks in the mail each month from Newport Quilt.  I had intended to do each block as they arrived.  After looking at the postmark on the envelopes these blocks are still in I see that I have had these since 2002.  If I can be motivated to get these fun blocks completed I will know that this BOM Rehab has been great for me.  I think this will definitely be a May for Me project.

Block one done, this was a fun block to make and I know that the others will be great too. 

When I purchased these blocks I also bought the watercolor packet of fabric for the pieced shashing around the blocks.

Block 2 The Pansy Block - cutting has begun.
I am really excited about getting this done,  come back and check on my progress, if you don't see new blocks feel free to ask me how it's coming.  I don't want this to disappear again.


  1. What a pretty project you found hidden! That is great that you had purchased the sashing fabrics so you will be all ready to assemble the top when the blocks are caught up.

  2. OMGosh... the time does fly doesn't it?!! I love your sunflower block and by the looks of that fabric bundle I am sure that each block will make you pleasantly surprised!

  3. this is SO PRETTY!!! did you finish it :)

  4. 2002?!?!?! Dis 'n lang tyd om so 'n mooi projek weg te pak! :) Dis baie mooi! Ek hoop jy voel gou beter!