Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Another Sweet Baby Girl

We had another exciting event in our family.   Our new granddaughter Emalynn Kate was born on May 2nd.  She looks a little like each of her brothers but she does appear to have a little red in her hair like her brother Caleb.  We will have to wait a while to if her hair will be red or blond.

Daddy and Baby

Mommy and Baby

 Caleb's first look at his sister.

 Grandma Sherry, Caleb, Emalynn and Landon

Papa and Emalynn

Grandma Cheryl and Emalynn

Amy and Emalynn at our Mother's Day Luncheon

I will have to get busy and update my "About Me" section on my side bar as we now have 13 grandchildren.  We are blessed.


  1. What a precious little bundle! Congratulations!

  2. Adorable little wee one! So happy for ya'll!

  3. Congrats Sherry! We are blessed

    1. Sherry, your family newest addition is beautiful! What a blessing! Sincerest congratulations to the happy parents and grandparents!
      We will hold you to more photos in the very near future!
      God bless,

      Note: Not being computer savvy, I have tried three times to add a comment but 'Blogger' has glitches I do not seem to be able to overcome hence the 'reply' (at least, that part works!)sigh...

  4. Congratulations, she is just precious! What a blessing! I love the photo of Caleb meeting her for the first time. Priceless!