Monday, November 5, 2012

A Very Special Gift

I have five sisters who are all great at choosing gifts for each other.  I guess we know each others likes pretty well.  The items below were in a gift box to me from my sister Becky.  She brought it to me a while back but I am a bit  behind on my blogging so I have not shared this yet.

Look at all of the fun items, I love the vintage apron patterns and the cookie cutters, perfect for a grandma who loves sugar cookies.

This sweet apron was hand made by Becky, I love it!

This sign hangs in my sewing room, it is so true.

When I opened this book I felt sure that this is one that we had around when we were kids.  I will enjoy sharing it with my grandchildren.

Sweet pictures.

Another close up of my new and favorite apron.

I love the different fabrics used on the ties.
I am thankful for the thoughtful people in my life.

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