Friday, January 18, 2013

My First (almost) Finnish for 2013

I hope the New Year has started out as a good one for you.  I started out with my mind in a jumble and I have determined that this must change.  I want to get focused on what God has planned for me as His servant.  After that, I want to determine what it is that I would like to accomplish and create with the time and materials God has provided for me. 
We took a trip to South Carolina in November and I used a suitcase that I had not used since the last trip we took there a year and a half before.  While packing I found the project below.  I had purchased the pattern and materials at a fabulous quilt and needlework store on Hilton Head Island called Cross Stitch Junction.  I had done quite a bit of stitching on one of the pieces below and had left the project in the pocket of my suitcase after returning home.
 Now the stitching is complete.
My first cross stitch project completed for 2013

Now to sew it together to make the scissors keep and pincushion.  I will get at it soon and keep you posted.  I am making a list of my projects I hope to finish this year, I love to cross of things I finish and watch the list grow smaller.   I am limiting myself on new starts, that is my plan anyway.

I am planning on a restfull weekend but I am open to what God has planned for us, His plans are always much better than any I could make.


  1. I used to cross stitch all the time...haven't in years. Beautiful pieces you have there. Hope you weekend is very restful and that God will clearly show you his plans. So true, HIS ways are the BEST!

  2. Sew pretty, Sherry. Thanks for that. What a lucky find! Kathie in WA State.

  3. gorgeous!!
    I want to do the same!!!
    firmita de hoy p recorrer por lso queridos blogs...
    ¯¯❤¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\)¯¯¯'\_❤„„„„\) ✿.。.:*Marie *.:。.✿