Saturday, April 13, 2013

My Embroidery Tool Kit

I am sharing my embroidery tool kit at andStitches blog.   Embroidery has been one of my favorite type of stitching since I was very young.  I have created many projects over the years but learn new things and new stitches all the time.  Through the blog world I have learned new stitches and found many wonderful new designs to embroider.
I am going to share with you some to the essential tools I use when doing embroidery.  I love to use linen for many of my projects but a nice cotton is great too.  The work below was done on linen.

I usually back the work with muslin, I have tried interfacing and stabilizer but basting a piece of muslin to the project after tracing seems to work best for me.

The picture below shows the things I would gather when preparing a new embroidery project.

I try to keep the threads, needles, scissors, pincushion and anything else I might be using in one basket.
I have hoops in many different sizes, little scissors and sometimes use a thimble.

I love embroidery thread.  I use a lot of DMC and love it but have tried many new threads since I have started blogging and use many different types of threads, depending on the project.

I have a new light box last fall and it works fabulous for tracing my embroidery designs on my fabric.  In the past I would tape my design and fabric to the window and trace but on gray winter days in the Northwest the light box really comes in handy.  I will use one of my wash out markers, or a micron pen or sometimes even pencil when transferring a design. 
If I want to take a project with me to work or when we travel I just gather the necessary items that are all in one place and toss them in my cloth needlework bag.
My bag is well worn but with the pockets inside it is perfect for sliding everything inside to take my latest project with me wherever I go.

I was looking at my tool kit and realized that I do not have a needle threader included, until now that was not really necessary but  lately things have changed a little and I think it is time to add one to my kit.
Happy Stitching!


  1. I love to travel with projects too. Always packing a tote to take with me.

  2. Love your little kit and baskets too! Also Thanks for the tip on lining the cotton with Muslin. I have a project I am starting and was wondering the best way to add some stability without adding to much bulk. Muslin will be perfect for my new project. Thanks.

  3. Every time I try to use a basket for my latest project, it winds up getting filled to the brim with all sorts of other craft stuff. I have two baskets next to me right now and they are both overflowing. I've seen those needle threaders in little sewing kits before but never really knew what they were. See, you learn something new every day. :) I'm mostly working with yarn of late. So much easier to see what I am doing. Wishing you a wonderful day. Tammy

  4. Gorgeous tool kit and projects. I should be more organized. I know what you mean about the needle threader. I don't go far without my reading glasses !

  5. A basket is a great idea. I should consider the same for the stuff I work on at home. I would be so much easier to just toss everything in a basket to move it around the apartment.

    Also, I love your pin cushion!