Monday, May 11, 2015

Let's See What's Bloomin'

Inside the house we have enjoyed the Amaryllis grown from a kit given as a gift.  It was simple to grow and put on a lovely display for quite some time.  Now I should learn how to take care of the bulb so that I can try again.

Our Camellia outside our back door did well this year but we almost missed the flowers with the weather as it was.  Sometimes we just have to walk around in the rain or cold to get a glimpse at what is blooming.

Our biggest excitement this year in our garden is the flowers on the Wisteria.  We have lived here for ten years now and these are the first flowers we have seen on this plant.  I thought I had done a pretty good job of pruning this plant each year but Pat decided to aggressively prune it back this year and  that seems to have made a difference.

A birthday bouquet

I have been watching the flowers start to bloom in our garden and now that the weather has improved I am pulling a few more weeds each day.  It really feels like spring to me now.


  1. All beautiful Sherry but especially the wisteria - hard pruning must be the secret! xx