Friday, August 21, 2015

Beach Time

Pat and I were able to spend a few days on the coast, we were away to relax and to celebrate our 43rd wedding anniversary.  We took Emmy along, she loves to spend time at the beach, she acts like a much younger dog than she is when she is walking or chasing her ball on the beach .  She gets very anxious when we are packing our car to head out from home, I think she is afraid she will be left behind.
The weather was beautiful, if it was warm at the house we just open the windows and the breeze comes through.  If that didn't work we headed for the beach to enjoy the breeze.

We took a long walk at the Oyhut Bay wildlife area.

We took a "selfie" with my new phone.

Emmy is not patient when we pause to enjoy the view, she wants to keep moving.

We enjoyed a meat Lovers Pizza from our favorite place "Red Genie Pizza" in Ocean Shores.

Pat and I usually work a puzzle together but this trip I was busy cutting fabric so he accomplished this on his own.

Meadow Mist Mystery Quilt all cut and ready to start stitching.

Four more blocks for my Snapshots Quilt cut and ready to stitch.
Blocks cut for my Quirky Scrap Quilt cut and ready.  These blocks had to be re cut as I made a mistake with the first blocks I cut.  The quilt top is now almost pieced together.

We felt so relaxed after spending a few days of quiet and relaxation.


  1. Happy anniversary to you!!

    I am 3 blocks behind on the snapshots quilt. I need to get back to working on it. =)

  2. Happy, happy anniversary; may you celebrate many more in good health and happiness.

  3. Happy anniversary! Your beach pictures are beautiful.