Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Fun With Fabric

This is my a mug rug I made for my daughter for Christmas.  I used a pattern designed by Julie Cefalu of The Crafty Quilter.  I forgot to add the steam coming from the cup, I didn't notice until I took a look at this picture.  I'll do that next time and do a better job on the binding too.  It is interesting what you notice when you take a good look at the pictures you are adding to a blog post.

Lori Holt's calendar

My friend Melanie gave me this fun calendar when I visited her shop last week.  I love Lori's patterns and designs, this calendar is full of beautiful pictures. Melanie's shop is called Fabric Chicks.  You should visit her shop here on Facebook or here on Instagram, she has some great items on sale.

Fabric therapy - Strawberry Fields Revisited by Fig Tree.  Melanie knows that I love Fig Tree fabrics so she set this aside for me.  I know this will be fun to work with and make a beautiful quilt top.

I went to a baby shower last weekend.  The couple has decided not to wait to see if it is a boy or a girl.  I decided to make a couple of reversible bibs.  This was a fun and quick project.

Sewing is so much fun!


  1. I can't wait to see what you make with the Strawberry Fields Revisited fabric. It's such cute fabric. I love that Moda is doing some reprints. =)

    Many times I take pictures as I am working on things. Somehow pictures help me see mistakes. Not that you made any. Just saying. 😉

  2. Somehow pictures help me see mistakes.http://grannytracescrapsandsquare.blogspot.com