Friday, July 15, 2016

Where Bloggers Create 2016

My "sewing room"/creating space is upstairs in our old 1940's house.  There are two bedrooms at the top of the stairs and of course, I have chosen the larger of the two for my space.  The picture below shows my space in a rather messy condition as it has been much of the time lately.  I guess that means I must be using it to create things but I am not sure that that is true.  I think it is more like I haven't kept it too tidy lately.

Not the clearest picture but it gives you the general idea.  The chest on the right is still unpainted, it has been a goal for several years now.  I plan to move my room downstairs shortly, we will see if the painting gets done then.

I love my card catalog and I "file" many things in the drawers which are labeled, of course.

I smile when I see this sweet little frame given to me by a sweet friend.  I look at it to be reminded of what I should be doing while in this room.  

As you will notice I like to keep things around me in my room that remind me of swaps I have participated in and friends and family who have given them to me.

I found this pincushion while visiting my sister in California and my buttons are from years of collecting them.  Many were my grandmothers.

This sign was a gift from my sister Becky.  It hangs over my file boxes and basket of patterns.

I do love pincushions.  My sister Lynda made the tomatoes and the purple pincushion is one I bought when we visited Hawaii.  Of course we had to visit the fabric store in the town we visited on Maui. The heart pincushion is from a swap I participated in and I crocheted the flowered pincushion a few years ago.

This is my fabric, much of what you see is fabric to back the many quilts that are waiting to be completed.  I do have just a few fabrics that I will have to think about before deciding how to use them.  The glass front bookcase below these stacks holds a bit more. 

The project on the corner of my work space has been sitting there a while but I can say that it is now a completed project.  I started and completed it yesterday.  I will share it in a blog post soon.

A sweet friend gave me the bird thimbles on top of my grandmothers spice chest.

Fabrics that are part of a couple of projects in progress.

This picture and the following are of some of my favorite things in my room.

This picture and the one below were taken a short while ago when my space was a little bit neater.

I should have posted a warning at the top of this post that I had many pictures to share.  I love having my space to work in but even when it was the kitchen table I have always enjoyed making things, sewing, embroidery, cross stitch, crochet and many other crafts.  I hope you enjoyed my little tour and will come back again for a visit.  Visit Where Bloggers Create 2016 at My Desert Cottage to see many more sewing rooms, studios and kitchen tables.


  1. Thanks for sharing your space, I want more fabric like you have. When I moved a year ago, I downsized, so I am trying to get my fabric stash back up to where I want it to be. I love quilting and papercrafting very much. Thanks for sharing

  2. I love your space ... is there more room downstairs now?

  3. Anyone who has a neat sewing room must not get a lot of work done. ;-) It looks like you have a wonderful time in your quiet space.

  4. Your pincushions make a fun collection! I have a victorian chair almost like yours in my bedroom

  5. I loved seeing your sewing space! It's so nice and cozy!

  6. I Love how you've methodically Labeled everything so Beautifully, that is my long delayed "Goal". *LOL* I'm so Enjoying visiting everyone's Creative Sanctuaries and so relieved that untidiness in our Creative Spaces is more the Norm than the exception to the rule. *Whew, thought I might be the only one... ha ha ha* I suppose on the Ideal Day our Studios and Creation Stations look Editorial, like the pages of the popular Creative Magazine Reveals, but in Real Life I'm inclined to think they probably look more like mine do too and that took the pressure off for me to assume mine has to be tidier than it usually is! *winks* Thank you for Sharing your Personal Happy Place... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  7. I searched for room JUST like yours when we were looking for a new house! Ended up with something different, but yours is my dream room! Including the card catalog! Thanks for showing it to us! Hugs!

  8. Love your space, that card catalog is wonderful!! It's great to see a space that is well loved and used! So happy you shared! Happy Creating, Cindy

  9. You are so very organized! Your space looks very nice. I love the colorful fabrics.

  10. What a nice space you have to work in.

  11. Hi Sherry! What a great room! I see that it is filled with all kinds of things that bring you joy! I am also a huge fan of that card catalog! They are not easy to find anymore!! Thank you so much for joining the party! I enjoyed the tour!!

  12. I love all the special pieces you have in your room and appreciated that you shared some of your favorites with us. I think that is what makes a room special, our work, the work of other artists and friends, swaps, finds from journeys and antique shops, etc. . . It is a lovely room and I can see that you DO use it, which is why it exists. Thank you for the tour, I truly enjoyed it.

  13. Such a great space Sherry. Love your little collections here and there as well as your storage ideas inc. the card catalogue. Those old sewing baskets are so beautiful too! I can tell you love spending time to create there. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Hi Sherry, what an awesome sewing room filled with so many goodies!
    Aw, love your card catalog, sure wished I had one they are wonderful for storing all kinds of things!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Have a great weekend!

  15. What a great space in which to create!! So many wonderful things I see but most of all, I LOVE that red chair!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  16. wonderful room-thanks for sharing! I too, love that chair.

  17. You have an awesome creative space! Such great ideas for organization and storage here. I love the card catalog!

  18. Sherry, I see so many things here in your studio, that remind me of me. We like the same stuff. We make similar things. I really think we are kindred spirits. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.