Monday, September 17, 2018

Baby Quilt

I sometimes don't realize how much time has passed between posts.  I guess I have been pretty busy but I have missed blogging and keeping track of projects I work on.  I wanted to share a baby quilt I recently completed.   The fabric I used was sent to me by Amy at A Quilting Sheep.  I have followed her blog for some time and have enjoyed getting to know her a little through her posts.  She is a very generous lady.  When I told her how much I liked the fabrics she was using in a project she offered to send me some of the fabric.  I received a box in the mail full of fabric pieces of many different sizes.  I had fun working with it and have other plans for its use in the future.

This is a scrappy quilt I made for my niece, her baby is expected in October.  I quilted it myself and I know I could use a lot more practice.  I do know that small projects are my limit when it comes to quilting them.  Next time I will add a bit more quilting.  Thank you Amy for your generosity.

I am working on several Block of the Month projects this year, I will share them her soon.  



  1. That is lovely. Those fabrics are so pretty.

  2. I'm personally a big fan of sherry-blessingsfromournest blog. Thanks for sharing this post.

  3. I do that too -- all of a sudden realize a whole year (gasp) has passed between posts! :) If you're a pastor's wife, then you have your hands full! The quilt is lovely -- what a sweet blessing to gift to a newborn! :)

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