Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pie Baking Contest

On Easter Sunday our family, meaning my sisters and their families had our second annual Pie Baking Contest.  We were all challenged to bake a pie that would be tasted and voted on by the whole crowd. Everything about it had to be home made, including the crust, of course. I am not much of a baker but did decide to join in.  There were four of us who made pies.  I thought and thought about what kind of pie I should bake and did not make my decision until Saturday while shopping for groceries for the weekend.  When I spotted the rhubarb in the produce department my was made up, Strawberry Rhubarb.  When tasting time came we set the pies out, along with the whipped cream and we started sampling.  I started with the lemon and instantly decided it was the best, then as I ate a bite of the chocolate pie, I wasn't sure anymore and next came the apple and I was really confused.  I had already decided not to vote for my own pie so I had a tough decision to make.  I am not going to tell you which pie I voted for though.  I am sure you are anxious to see pictures of the pies and hear  the results of the competition.

Pies ready for the tasting to begin

Laurie's Lemon

Jessica's Apple

Raydine's Chocolate

Sherry's Strawberry Rhubarb

The votes were counted and my strawberry rhubarb pie won!
I do need to clarify a few things though.  Easter Sunday just happened to be my birthday and there is a rumor that my boys said they had to vote for my pie because it  was my birthday.  I do know that they all like my strawberry rhubarb pie but I hope that my birthday did not influence them when they voted.  Next year we will have to do a much better job of keeping the names of the pie bakers secret until after the voting.
There is a little more to this story.  Every Easter the guys in our family will play a card game for a prize which is a trophy with a rubber duckie on the top.  It is called the Easter Keaster and has been won by one of our sons and has decorated our house for the past few years.  This year I am happy to announce that our nephew Tim won and he took it home with him for the year.
Look at Tim's smile and he hadn't even won the trophy yet.
My brother-in-law Duane, the creator of the trophys that pass from house to house at each holiday decided we needed a trophy for the "Best Pie" contest so he went out to his workroom and this is what he came up with.  It will live in our house until next year.

I made a little vest to make him more presentable.
I still think he will live hiding in my sewing room for the year.

Our family may be a little nutty but we do have fun!


  1. mmm.mmm.. My favorite is my grandmas strawberry rhubarb pie! My great grandma used to work at the Village restaurant in town when it used to be on State Avenue a long time ago and she was famous for her pies!

    Not that many people make it! Yours looked mighty tasty!

  2. Mom....I love the little vest! I love you

  3. Thanks for dressing the little old man and making him presentable! Love the pictures of the kids!