Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sisters, Celebrating and Shopping

I have written several times these past few weeks about time spent celebrating my birthday.  Well, last Saturday some of my sisters and I got together and we celebrated again.  It wasn't just my birthday we were also celebrating my sister Michele's birthday, she has a birthday exactly one week after mine.  She would be quick to remind you that she is 8 years younger than I am though.

We traveled to my sister Laurie's home where she had prepared a delicious brunch.  Her round table was set with her pretty dishes and we sat for quite a long time enjoying the food and conversation.  We later opened a few gifts and continued chatting and enjoying each other.  I could hardly believe it myself when I realized that I didn't take my camera out once, we were so busy talking and eating and enjoying being together and I have not one picture of the beautiful table or the food or of us. 

After brunch we went to the local Goodwill store hunting for bargains.  I could learn a lot from  my sisters Michele and Lynda.  They walk down an aisle that I have already checked out and show me all of the things I didn't even see.  I am going to have to work harder at really seeing when I am looking, if you know what I mean.   I did purchase three glass containers that  will go along with the others I have gathered to help organize my sewing room.  I will share pictures of the jars again when they are filled.

Here they are, my great glass finds, or maybe I should say Michele and Lynda's finds that I bought.

The jar on the left was $1.99,
 the large one in the middle $3.99,
 and the small one with the blue top was 99cents.

They will look so pretty with colorful things in them in my sewing room.
We did a little more shopping downtown Mount Vernon at the street fair.  My exciting find was a little teapot I found a small antique shop on the same street as the fair.  It was made in Ohio and as soon as I saw it I thought it was exactly like the set I had purchased in Watertown, Wisconsin several years ago.  This set is one that my daughter Amy has decided should be hers because she was born in Watertown, Wisconsin after all.

The original set, Coffee Server, Sugar, Creamer

This is the Teapot I bought last weekend,
 don't they look alike?

Here they are all together.  They are not exactly alike after all.
The first three were made in Zanesville, Ohio
The new arrival was made in Massillon, Ohio

So for $10 I think the teapot looks like it belongs

It was a good time we had together.


  1. Thanks for adding to my collection mom!!! I love you!

  2. What great finds! I have a hard time bargain shopping, not much patience on my end. How fun that you found a teapot to match the already existing set you have. Sounds like a great time with your sisters.