Thursday, November 3, 2011

Family Fun

Our daughter Amy found this great kit for making a Mr Potato Head pumpkin.  Our grandson, Amy's nephew Noah loves Mr Potato Head and he was very excited about this gift.  He had a hard time waiting for the pumpkin for putting this together.   When the pumpkin arrived he and Amy got right to it.

Noah is very focused on the progress.

Noah appears to be pleased with the almost finished pumpkin.

Landon was busy putting his pumpkin together with the help of his dad and he had to pause to give me a cheesy grin.

Here they are with their Cowboy Pumpkin Heads.

Caleb joining in on the fun!

Little Matthew is eating his dinner while keeping an eye on his very busy cousins.

Joshua enjoying his pizza at the table with Matthew.

A kind of grainy picture of our two youngest (they also have the shortest hair) acting silly as usual.

Matt with his belated birthday cheesecake.

The girls relaxing.

Matthew likes his walking toy.

Uncle Matt and Uncle David playing with the little boys.

It is rarely quiet when we get together but we do enjoy it. 
I always think about the rest of our family living in other parts of the country and how much we miss them. 


  1. You have the sweetest family Sherry! I know ya'll have the best time together!

  2. What great family time! The cousins love each other so much!!!

  3. nothing like thje uncle to play with huh?
    And those potatop head pumkins!1 LOL great job! like you would say pumpkin deco no cutting skills required!

  4. Hi Sherry, Stop by Southern Belle with Northern have won the giveaway!!