Monday, November 21, 2011

A Special Time in South Carolina

I had the privilege to fly to South Carolina a couple of weeks ago.  The purpose of my visit was to spend some time with my oldest son Nathan, his wife Kacy and their daughters Adria and Hannah.  An added blessing to this trip was the opportunity to see Adria as Gretl in The Sound of Music. 
My trip out involved flying first to Denver, then to Atlanta and then to Savannah, which is close to where Nathan and his family lives.  I had a simpler flight back, Savannah to Atlanta, Atlanta to Seattle.

Nathan knew that I would love this road leading in to a neighborhood near his home.

The weather had been dreary and gray here in the Northwest so I just had do take a picture looking outside the bedroom window my first morning there.

I was able to attend three of the four performances of The Sound of Music presented by the Hilton Head Preparatory School. 

The pictures below were taken by Janet Kelly.
We could not take flash pictures during the performance so with Janet's pictures I am able to share a little of the beautiful sets and costumes and of course I wanted to share pictures of Adria. 

Janet took this picture of us after one of the shows.

Now for the pictures I took.

I took this picture of Hannah and her friend waiting for the show to start.

Nathan and Kacy

The family after the last performance.

"Maria" and "Gretl"

Mr Wolfe, the director with Adria

Dinner together after the last show.
My trip was short and busy but I had a wonderful time and was so happy to be able to be there.


  1. How wonderful that you were able to make it to SC to see Adria in action. I can tell she is gonna be a star! Weather looks like it was great while you were there. We've had cloudy days of late and it's gotten cooler. Finally! Sending sunshine wishes your way. Tammy

  2. Oh, wow, what a wonderful time!!!I love the sound of Music. That must have been really special.

    I sent an email out about recipes. Just ignore it, ok? Thank you!

  3. Oh Sherry! What a fun trip, I love that musical! They are the cutest family! And how cute to get a special mention in the program!