Monday, December 19, 2011

'Tis the Season

On Saturday December 10th we had a Ladies Luncheon at our church.  The theme was 'Tis the Season and several ladies decorated tables with the theme in mind.
I went to the church at 10 am to decorate my table along with a few other ladies and took a few pictures of their tables decorated.
When I came back for the luncheon I forgot my camera so I missed the tables of those who decorated a little later.

I always enjoy seeing the creativity and care each lady uses when they decorate their tables for this event. Thank you to Cindy who planned this afternoon of fellowship and focus on the reason we celebrate.

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  1. Lovely! It is always so fun to see the different decorating talents and the tables that are produced! You must have had a wonderful time!
    Merry Christmas!