Monday, August 13, 2012

Progress on Harrington and Hannah Blocks

I started out keeping up with my blocks for this fun BOM, Adventures of Harrington and Hannah, but fell behind.  I am trying to get caught up as part of my BOM Rehab at Pink Pincushion.  Below is block 7, the July block.  I have not added the border to the bottom of this block because I have not completed block 5 and 6 and I have a little method with the order of the fabric squares.



June is cut and ready to stitch and May is waiting to be started.  I think block 8 will be out in a few days, I wonder what we'll be stitching next.
While we were at the ocean for our minnie vacation I decided to start a completely new project.  It is counted cross stitch with variegated thread.  It will be interesting to see how this one turns out.  I am not sure what the finished project will be, a pillow, framed, hm mm I will have to think about it.  It was fun to work with even weave fabric and do a little cross stitch.

Enjoy the day


  1. Hi there Sherry! It's nice to see you again! I love your creation! It is so lovely~ Thanks for sharing

    Hope you'll visit me too!

    Ciao Bella
    Sensible Sarah

  2. Your blocks are lovely ... the cross-stitching, too. I've gotten to where I want to use one thread for stitching as it is much quicker than switching colors all the time. I've been doing some small stitchings of late. Hope you have a great week. Tammy

  3. Love the BOM! I need to do this for my good friend faith as a Christmas gift!

  4. Great job on your H &H blocks. I have my bee hive one ready to stitch. Just have to find time to do it.
    thanks so much for coming by to see my bowls. I think this is going to be a really fun hop.

  5. Don't you just love using overdyed thread? I think a pillow would look great for your cross stitch.