Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Time Spent In The Garden

I have not blogged consistently about our gardening adventures this year.  We have spent some time enjoying and working out side so I decided to catch up on what has been happening outside our doors.
Every year while visiting my favorite nurseries I check out the sale tables in late July and August.  I call the plants that I purchase "sad plants" or "rescued plants."  I bring them home at a much discounted price and try to find them a sometimes temporary home so that they can make it through the winter. I do buy a few annuals too to try to brighten up my pots.  The plant below were all rescued.

They are waiting for their new homes.
After finding open places for most of the plants throughout the yard these perennials found a new home in my "temporary rescue garden."  When they are all in one place we can make sure they are watered and watched over.  If I spread them out around the yard I may forget about them.

I will take another picture in a few weeks to see their progress.
Below are pictures i have taken over the past few weeks of the blooms I have found while wandering our yard.


Oh and of course our grand dog Lexie who was a great help while she was visiting

And Emmy enjoying the shade after playing with Lexie.
Patrick seems to be enjoying the watering, he is multi tasking by listening to a book on CD.  His little player is hiding in his apron pocket.

We had a beautiful visitor who stayed around a while, very focused on the task at hand, so I was able to get a few pictures. 

Summer is almost gone but we enjoyed a lot of its beauty while it was here. God's creation is truly amazing.


  1. Your flowers are beautiful! Everything here in Arkansas has burned up. Looks like we'll be getting some much needed rainfall thanks to Isaac in a day or so. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  2. Your gardens are lovely...Mine is a mess. =( It got out of control a couple of years ago when my daughters 3 (yes, 3!) basset hounds trampled it to pieces for several months. We were planning on redoing it this summer a bit at a time, but we ended up being in a drought so moving plants and trying to garden was out. There is always next year. =)

  3. Your garden looks lovely! So many pretty flowers. Our flowers are definitely losing their luster.

  4. Lovely flowers everywhere! A lovely post filled with beautiful blossoms :)

    So nice stopping by for a visit!
    Kindly, Lorraine

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  6. your garden is beautiful... looks like you have lots of helpers too!

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