Thursday, March 7, 2013

Winter Birthdays

With a large family there are birthdays to celebrate every month.   Sammy, Kevin and Brad had January Birthdays and Matthew's is in February.   Some of our family lives in other states so we can all be together for every celebration.

 Kevin and Amy  are looking at a picture made by nephew Noah for Kevin's Birthday.

The grand kids all like to get in the pictures when it's time to blow out candles.

Noah and Kevin, Noah is pointing out details in his gift for his uncle.

Little Emalynn reading, I mean eating a board book.

She is so happy because she was showing me that she could clap her hands, it is so exciting to learn new things.  Maybe we should all learn from little ones and find joy in the simple things.

Little Matthew turned two

Patiently waiting to blow out his candles.

He did get a little too close to the flame.  I think he will be a little hesitant to get so close next time.
We don't have the chance to spend every birthday with all of our children and grandchildren as some live far away from us but it is always a blessing to spend time together whenever we can.


  1. Such cute pictures of your little darlings!

  2. Wonderful family pictures to treasure!

  3. My husband's birthday is in January and mine is in February. Happy birthday to everyone in your family. Oops! He did get a little too close to that candle. Good thing there were more of them. So sweet when kids are little and everything is new to them. When hubby and I were walking this morning, I was so excited to see so many butterflies. My husband just shrugged -- but then I told him he should find joy in everything God provides. :) Wishing you a wonderful day. Tammy