Saturday, January 4, 2014

Beginning a New Year

We began our New Years Eve celebration with take out from Red Robin.  Take out is something new to us, we started this last year.  We used to take everyone out to an early dinner but with the addition of several sweet grandchildren, take out has become a much more relaxing time for the parents of these sweeties.
After dinner we played some board games and had the usual fun of watching little ones run through the house.

They all enjoyed ice cream sundaes and a little extra whipped cream for dessert.

At midnight, eastern time of course, nine o'clock our time we celebrated with hats, horns sparkling cider and much jumping up and down.

Matt and Cammie with their little ones escaping.

Matt and Cammie without little ones

Micah and Lyndie and boys

Kevin and Amy and family

David and Michele and our newest grandbaby

We thought about our children and grandchildren far from us and missed them.  
We wish you all a Happy New Year!


  1. Bonjour de Salé du Maroc, vous avez une très belle famille, que Dieu vous garde.

  2. Beautiful family what a fun way to celebrate the New Year in.
    Happy New Year with many blessings for you and family.