Saturday, July 11, 2015

Where Bloggers Create 2015

 I am a little late in joining Where Bloggers Create 2015 at My Desert Cottage.  I spent the day sewing with friends yesterday and did not complete my post as planned last night.

I have had the same room to sew and create in for several years now.  We have an older house built in 1940 so my little room is at the top of these stairs.

The carpet is very old fashioned and is worn, with the help of or cat Lily.  She is 15 years old and I think the carpet will stay the same as long as she is around.

This picture and the one below are what the room looks like from the door.  It is a blue gray color and I am in the process of painting it a brighter color that helps reflect the light from the one window a little better.

The library catalog drawers below are a new addition to my space.  I have worked at a library for almost 30 years so when my sister in law offered this to me I was so happy to get it.

Every drawer is being used and labeled.

The "Sew a needle pulling thread" picture was a gift from my son and daughter in law.

I like to keep things in jars out where I can see them.  Things like buttons and spools and clothespins.

Sewing baskets can be found throughout the room.

It is always time to sew or create.

If the cat isn't occupying this chair, it is a nice place to sit and contemplate my next project or look through one of my many books.

My sewing machine is resting under its cover, it has had way too much rest lately.  It is summer time so there are so many things to do outside.  I try to get a few minutes to sew here and there in the day.

This is new to my sewing room also, I moved this upstairs so that my fabrics could be neatly folded and easily seen.

You can see the new paint color on this wall behind the fabric.  I had hoped to have it all painted by now.  It will make things brighter.

I love pincushions!

This little doll was a gift from my sister Becky, it always makes me smile.

Thank you Karen for hosting this fun event again this year.  Visit here to see the other creative spaces shared by bloggers all around the world.  Thank you for coming to visit my space, I hope you enjoyed your visit.


  1. It's such a lovely hideaway!

  2. I think you have a really special place upstairs And I totally understand about an older pet and waiting for any updating or remodeling. They are too precious to us and know they are old. I think I would love a private space upstairs. I have thought about adding another story just for a studio many times. Thank you for sharing!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Teresa Young

  3. Thank you very much for sharing your Creative space. I like your fresh new brighter paint color. High on Life July...

  4. You have a lovely upstairs creative space, filled with lots of nice things to work with.

    Happy Creating ~ FlowerLady

  5. What a wonderful space you have, Sherry! The card catalog is beautiful.

  6. Such a sweet place! I love all the sewing baskets and all the little touches you've added throughout your room.

  7. What a wonderful place to retreat to and enjoy your sewing.

  8. Your post made me kick myself. I passed up a library card catalogue several years ago when our school library was being remodeled. Oh, how I would love to have it now.

    You have a great space.

  9. Hi Sherry. What a lovely studio you have!! Fabulous Catalogue drawers and glass Jars too. Thanks so much for the tour. Karen.x

  10. I love your little garret studio with all its angles, vintage sewing baskets, and pretty colorful fabrics, it must be so cozy creating in there. Thank you for sharing this most special sweet space.

  11. Hi Sherry! Your studio is so sweet and filled with many treasures! Not the least of which is that awesome card catalog! What a great sister in law!!! Thank you so much for joining the party and sharing your beautiful studio. :)

  12. It's obvious I'm running late to the party, but I am so glad to be here now. I couldn’t miss this opportunity to see your incredible studio. My friend just bought one of those card catalogs and paid over $300.00 (US). I couldn't believe how you got yours.

    Bleubeard is even older than your kitty, so I know what you mean. As they age, they require certain needs, but when they are young, you have to watch them like a hawk so they don't destroy things. No need to ask how I know this (grin).

    I am in AWE of your fabric. I probably don't have enough yardage to store mine like that, but I am in love with your storage solution. Thanks for sharing this super studio.

  13. Hello, fellow card catalog lover! I keep ribbon in almost all of the drawers in my catalog, under my work table. Your chair seems related to mine, also a place to enjoy magazines, blogging, or just sipping coffee while the rest of the house is quiet. Thank you for sharing your creative space!

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