Sunday, July 5, 2015

July Goal and a Little Therapy

When you think of the word therapy, different things come to mind for different people.  One of the things that I first think about is fabric, either shopping for it or working with it.

This lovely jelly roll was what I received when I won a giveaway at Vrooman's Quilts.  This fabric is so soft and sweet, I am always drawn to 3 Sisters fabric lines.

These lovely fat quarters are part of the Emmy Grace line by Bari J, purchased on Etsy with a gift card from my sister Becky, thank you Becky.

This fabric I found at a shop called Beach Tyme Quilts in Ocean Shores, Washington.  I am using this for a project called Mystery Monday #9 at Little Bits of This and That.

Now for my July goal.  This has been on my finish list for some time, I decided to choose something that wasn't too large of a project because of  the vacation we have planned in July.

This is a fun project and it is partially completed so I should be able to complete it for my A Lovely Year of Finishes July goal and also for my 2015 3rd Quarter Finish Along goal.

Now I want to talk about another kind of therapy, a day at the ocean with my sweetie and our dog.

Emmy starts out thinking she is a puppy and she runs after the ball with great excitement.

After the first run she slows down a little.

Now it is time to take her ball to the car and go take a nap.  I guess that slowing down a little is o.k. for a twelve year old dog.  Beach time is always therapy for her too.

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  1. Those fabrics are so pretty. You will have fun with them.

    The beach therapy sounds like a wonderful day for all of you.