Monday, May 30, 2016

Snapshots Quilt Top Complete. Yeah!

My May project for the 2016 UFO Challenge at Allpeoplequilt was to complete my Snapshots quilt top.  Yeah, I did it!  This quilt top is pretty big, my tall son-in-law Kevin had trouble holding this one up.  I will get the back ready too take to have it quilted later this week.

I will link to 2016 Finish Along Q2

I really like how this quilt top turned out.  I plan to embroider eyes on the dog and cat blocks and have a camera block to finish for the back before having it quilted.

The block below is one from an old block of the month that I have been trying to work on.  The quilt will be pretty when I get it all complete.

I have made four blocks for this project so far.
I will link up with Julie's post at The Crafty Quilter to share my May finish.


  1. I started it and then quit. Yours turned out gorgeous!

  2. Sherry, it's just beautiful! This quilt is one of my favorite designs - I love each block!

  3. I love it too, Great job. I finished my top earlier this year and now need to quilt it for another of this year's UFO monthly challenge.

  4. You Snapshots quilt did turn out nicely! Congratulations on the finish. I also like the other one you are working on. Very pretty colors for that design.