Sunday, June 9, 2019

Retirement Adjustments and a June Goal

Well my retirement date did arrive and it has been a busy time since.  My last day of work was April 30th.  We then prepared for traveling to the Atlanta area to be there for our oldest granddaughter's graduation.  We spent two weeks with our family there and had a great time.  We are proud of Adria, she works hard at everything she does.

Adria with Grandma and Papa at Baccalaureate

Adria with her parents on Graduation Day

A couple of weeks before our retirement my husband Pat was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma.  This type of blood cancer is the same cancer that my sister had.  It is a rare cancer, one percent of all of the cancer's diagnosed, so it was a surreal to us to find out that Pat and has the same cancer that  Becky had.  We have been involved in appointments and meetings to make plans for his treatment direction.  We look at each other quite often and say, "this is not how we envisioned our first weeks of retirement."  We don't know yet what our "retirement" looks like but do look forward to settling in to some sort of routine and we know the God knows our future and that knowledge brings us peace.  

I do plan to find time to do a bit more sewing and needlework.  I love participating in goal planning, it always helps me with a focus on a project and who doesn't like checking things off on a list.  My list of projects is quite long and I have chosen one to complete by the end of June.  I would ordinarily link up with One Monthly Goal at Elm Street Quilts sharing my goal but did not get it together before the deadline.
Mystery Block of the Month 2018 at A Quilting Life

I completed this quilt top a while back during the time we were waiting to put our house back together.  My sewing machine was set up in our little kitchen area and the picture was taken inside as you can see.  I sent the quilt out to be quilted and it should be back to me sometime tomorrow.  My goal will be to get the binding on and gift it to a friend.  That does not seem to be to lofty of a goal but we will have to see what happens.


  1. So sorry to hear about your husband's diagnosis. Really unbelievable that it's the same type as what your sister had. I hope he is able to get the right treatment to manage any symptoms he may have. The quilt is such a beautiful gift. Congrats to your granddaughter. Take care, Tammy

  2. I am so sorry to hear of your husbands diagnoses! You are held in God's loving Hands...