Saturday, July 11, 2015

Where Bloggers Create 2015

 I am a little late in joining Where Bloggers Create 2015 at My Desert Cottage.  I spent the day sewing with friends yesterday and did not complete my post as planned last night.

I have had the same room to sew and create in for several years now.  We have an older house built in 1940 so my little room is at the top of these stairs.

The carpet is very old fashioned and is worn, with the help of or cat Lily.  She is 15 years old and I think the carpet will stay the same as long as she is around.

This picture and the one below are what the room looks like from the door.  It is a blue gray color and I am in the process of painting it a brighter color that helps reflect the light from the one window a little better.

The library catalog drawers below are a new addition to my space.  I have worked at a library for almost 30 years so when my sister in law offered this to me I was so happy to get it.

Every drawer is being used and labeled.

The "Sew a needle pulling thread" picture was a gift from my son and daughter in law.

I like to keep things in jars out where I can see them.  Things like buttons and spools and clothespins.

Sewing baskets can be found throughout the room.

It is always time to sew or create.

If the cat isn't occupying this chair, it is a nice place to sit and contemplate my next project or look through one of my many books.

My sewing machine is resting under its cover, it has had way too much rest lately.  It is summer time so there are so many things to do outside.  I try to get a few minutes to sew here and there in the day.

This is new to my sewing room also, I moved this upstairs so that my fabrics could be neatly folded and easily seen.

You can see the new paint color on this wall behind the fabric.  I had hoped to have it all painted by now.  It will make things brighter.

I love pincushions!

This little doll was a gift from my sister Becky, it always makes me smile.

Thank you Karen for hosting this fun event again this year.  Visit here to see the other creative spaces shared by bloggers all around the world.  Thank you for coming to visit my space, I hope you enjoyed your visit.

Monday, July 6, 2015

2015 Finish Along 3rd Quarter Goals

I have chosen several projects I hope to complete in the next few months.  I will link this post with the 2015 Finish Along at On the Windy Side.  It helps me to set a few goals and it is always great to cross finished projects off my list.  

JOY banner, the embroidery is done, now to sew the banner together.

This was on my goal list last quarter, I want to machine quilt and bind this myself.

This project was also on my list last quarter, now to get it framed or made into a wall hanging or large pillow.

This project is ready for quilting and binding.

I hope to get the backing put together, send this to the quilter and get it bound this quarter.

The embroidery is complete, now to get the pincushion made.

Fabric for a mystery tote bag, I have someone in mind to give this to as a gift.

Sweet Simplicity Quilt - it is as the quilter's now, I want to get it bound right away when it returns.

Another project from last quarter, no progress so far, maybe this quarter

I think this would be a great pillow.

Backing and binding needed for this small project that is part of a wall hanging I gave to a friend.  The little bible verses can be changed whenever she wants to change them.  This one needs backing and binding and I can give it to her.

Complete the cross stitch and get it in a frame and hang it in my kitchen.

Daisy Days, blocks embroidered and pieced, now to put it all together.

Two pillow tops for my sister, made from the same fabrics I used in her quilt.
I know that this is a lot for me to accomplish but I won't forget to enjoy the process and just finish what I can.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

July Goal and a Little Therapy

When you think of the word therapy, different things come to mind for different people.  One of the things that I first think about is fabric, either shopping for it or working with it.

This lovely jelly roll was what I received when I won a giveaway at Vrooman's Quilts.  This fabric is so soft and sweet, I am always drawn to 3 Sisters fabric lines.

These lovely fat quarters are part of the Emmy Grace line by Bari J, purchased on Etsy with a gift card from my sister Becky, thank you Becky.

This fabric I found at a shop called Beach Tyme Quilts in Ocean Shores, Washington.  I am using this for a project called Mystery Monday #9 at Little Bits of This and That.

Now for my July goal.  This has been on my finish list for some time, I decided to choose something that wasn't too large of a project because of  the vacation we have planned in July.

This is a fun project and it is partially completed so I should be able to complete it for my A Lovely Year of Finishes July goal and also for my 2015 3rd Quarter Finish Along goal.

Now I want to talk about another kind of therapy, a day at the ocean with my sweetie and our dog.

Emmy starts out thinking she is a puppy and she runs after the ball with great excitement.

After the first run she slows down a little.

Now it is time to take her ball to the car and go take a nap.  I guess that slowing down a little is o.k. for a twelve year old dog.  Beach time is always therapy for her too.

Monday, June 15, 2015

June Goal and Beyond

I am excited that it is only the middle of June and that I have completed my goal for June.  This quilt top is made with the Chantilly fabric line by Jauren and Jessi Jung.  I really like the cheerful bold colors.  I wanted to get it pieced so that I could give it to my favorite quilter, Leslie.  I do have to get the back ready before I see Leslie in July.  I took this picture at the last Sit and Sew I attended. I went there determined to complete this top and share my "ta da" before moving on to any other projects.

I will link this up with ALYOF 2015 later this month.

The picture below is of a box of fabric I won in a giveaway.  The box arrived all the way from Switzerland from Vreni who blogs at Oops-Lah.  Vreni just moved from Singapore to Switzerland.

I have already started thinking about how to use these fabrics.

I have a link on my sidebar to That Quirky Scrap Quilt Along.  I was not planning to join any new stitch alongs or start new projects until completing some of the many projects I have started.  This project helps take care of scraps and my basket was overflowing, and still is by the way.  These are the blocks I have completed so far for this project.   It is going to be really scrappy.

While sorting through scraps and straightening up my sewing room I made a stack of some of the projects pieced together and waiting to be completed.  This is the pile I made in just a few minutes.  I can see 13 projects and that does not count those in process.  It is time to get these things completed don't you think.  Do any of you who quilt or sew have so many unfinished projects waiting for you?