Sunday, March 28, 2010


Today we celebrated our grandson Caleb's birthday.  We had spaghetti and french bread for dinner and cake and ice cream for dessert.  That is what Caleb calls "good stuff."  He had a party yesterday at home with some of his friends and celebrated at pre-school on Thursday so I would say that he has had some fun.  This is Caleb with his piece of the cake.  Amy thought that his own piece would be better than taking a chance that Caleb might share a little spit with the rest of us while blowing out the candle.

What a  sweet smile.

Our grandaughter Lily also had a birthday this week.  She turned 7 yesterday.  She also celebrated at her school and had a Birthday Tea Party with her friends.  She had a wonderful time and was still excited  when I talked to her on the phone about it today.  She told me all about the pin the flower on the teapot game they played.  It sounds like her mom planned a very special party for Lily.  Julie will send us pictures of Lily's special day.  Now that Lily has opened her gift from us I will post the picture of the doll clothes I made for her.  It was fun to sew the little outfits and I would have liked to keep making more, that will have to wait for another day.

Lily's new doll clothes

I took a couple more pictures from different angles in our "redone" bathroom and thought I would share them also.

The before pictures are in an earlier post

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  1. It looks like you guys had a great time celebrating those precious little lives!!! And I LOVE what you did with the bathroom! Well done!!! Blessings!