Monday, August 23, 2010

Burlap and Rose Tote Bags

I thought I would share another fun thing I have made this in this past week or two.
Burlap Totes made from a tutorial at La Maison Reid

This was the first bag I made, which was a gift for my sister Lynda

A closer look at the burlap rose
I could use a little practice at this

The second bag is made from a light green burlap, a little hard to see in this picture

A peek at the lining, I added a few pockets inside

I enjoyed making these totes but I am now very excited about the new burlap purse tutorial posted at La Maison Reid
I plan to make one or more of these as soon as I get the chance.  Go take a look at the great burlap purse HERE.


  1. The link to the burlap purse is so cute! I really hope to get a sewing machine soon because I think it would be fun to make things like this!

  2. These are adorable! I enjoy seeing all the things you make.

  3. LOVE those Sherry! They look wonderful!

  4. Oh Sherry I think you did a wonderful job and your roses look perfect! I'm so happy I inspired you and honored that you did such a nice post about it. Good job and good luck on the next bag. I think I like the second one better so keep one of those for yourself!

  5. Those are so pretty! Love the burlap rose!


  6. I love your bags....great for fall and you did a marvelous job with the roses!

  7. The purse looks great. You always zip out all these wonderful things. I've got tons of supplies but some sort of creative block! You've inspired me though, I'm going to make something today, no matter what (although I'm sure it won't look as wonderful as your bag).

  8. Dontcha just love burlap. I used it as a backing for some seashell art I made and posted about.