Sunday, August 15, 2010

Garage Sale Fun

Saturday Morning

Sleep in late

Have a cup of coffee

Go out for breakfast

Go to a few garage sales with my husband
Now that is a great and relaxing morning.  

The fact that we found some great bargains at the garage sales made the morning a little sweeter.

Look at the things we found

If you love vintage linen like I do you will appreciate some of the things I found
The two picture frames on the left have already been used for a project I'll show you in another post.
All of the linens, the frames, and the wooden item (not sure what it is) came to a total of $17

Six hand embroidered napkins

The tablecloth on the left is beautifully embroidered and pretty large.

I am always drawn to embroidery with blue in the design

This pictures shows a large plain white tablecloth, a chenille bedspread and butterfly embroidered dresser cloth and a small embroidered hand towel.

Another look at the same items

Light up light house for my husband, he has a few in his office - $3
It is a lighthouse on Whidbey Island not  too far from here.

Snowflake tablecloth $2.50

Two snowflake wreath hangers $1
(Maybe I should paint them white, we'll see)

This is the item I am not sure what it is, maybe you know.
I asked what the lady who sold it used it for and she explained.  We will have to think on this a while
Cost $2

Now I just realized that I didn't take pictures of the wonderful finds my husband brought home.
He found himself a new weedwacker and that nylon string stuff to go with it.  He said that the parts were interchangeable with his old one and for $10 he couldn't go wrong. 
All in all we were thrifty shoppers and had a good time together
You sure can't beat that! 

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  1. I think we must be soul sisters. I love all of your treasures.
    My mom used to do embroidered table scarves (as she called them). I still have a few, but most of them are very worn. I know she had that same basket design. I want to take some of the better bits and pieces and make something for my granddaughter.
    That little table is interesting.

  2. I love everything you found!! cant beat a good yard sale! Its a fun thing to do on a Saturday!

  3. That is great that your hubby goes with ya. Now I can get my husband to antique stores, but not so much garage sales. I love vintage linens too. I hardly have any though, so I have to start looking for some good bargains out there. Thanks for joining in on the party. Debbie

  4. I wonder if the little table was used for spinning, weaving or something along those lines? I have no idea..that is just a shot in the dark, but I think it's neat no matter what it is!

  5. Sherry, that is some great stuff you found. Love those linens. Thanks for joining the party this week!

  6. Those are some fun finds! My interest is peaked with the little table! What an unusual shape...

  7. that's Ok that you didn't post your hubby's finds! I love linen it is is what makes my heart beat fast, I have not found any for sooo long!!


  8. Hi Sherry! Thanks for coming by and entering my giveaway and I really appreciate your posting my button.

    It looks like ya'll had a wonderful Saturday. I love that little white whatever it is stand. It's got a great finish and oh' how I love the linens.

    I noticed that you like Carol King and James Taylor from the 70's. I love there music, like the Tapestry and Machine Gun Kelly albums from then too.

    I'm looking forward to following you and becoming friends.
    Hugs....Tracy :)

  9. Sherry,
    We share a love for old linens. You really got some beautiful pieces and they all look like they are in good shape too. You certainly got them for a good price. I would really like to know what that little table is for. I sure hope one of your fellow bloggers will know the answer.

  10. Great finds! I love vintage linens too. Cute little table. It will be interesting to find out what it was used for.

  11. I have learned all weed whackers are not the same and that a shaft for one can cost upwards of $35 dollars. So to get the whole thing and be able to use the parts is the way to go, if you know the type you need. Similar to lawn mowers - the handles are as expensive as the cutting deck.(almost)
    All I can think with the topknot on the table is some sort of braiding or ropework, weaving.

  12. Oh being a vintage linen addict, I LOVE all your awesome finds here! And some great prices!