Thursday, July 12, 2012

Beauty in the Garden

I have been inspired many times while blog reading to take a stroll through my garden and see what beauty I can find.  When I get a little overwhelmed or tired I  find that this is a perfect way to be inspired or to just relax.  I grab my little camera and take a little walk.

The picture below shows our front entry garden and the shade tree we had to have removed because of disease, we really miss the beautiful tree and the shade it provided on our deck.

I wanted to share this so that you could see how quickly the little plants I planted have filled in.  I really like the "cottage" look as you can see but it can get a little out of control.

Many of the plants in our garden have been purchased from the clearance shelves at our favorite nurseries and I find a home for them and give them a little TLC.  It is fun to see them thrive a year or two later.

Ceanothus "California Lilac"
I have two plants, they were tiny and sad when I bought them.  It is very different from the evergreen ceanothus with the blue flowers we are used to seeing around this area.

We have had some fun family times in the past couple of weeks and the picture below shows two family members taking a break from all of the outdoor fun.

Our youngest son and one of our grandsons are busy keeping up with important business.

I spent a little time with a bucket of white paint and a brush giving my little garden fences a touch up.  I painted 4 and have at least 25 or 30 to go, a project I hope to complete this summer.  These were hand made by my Grandpa Backstrom many years ago.  He cut them by hand, and nailed each one together.  He would paint them each year before placing them around his vegetable garden.  I brought many of them home some time in the 90's and have used them several times. 

This picture shows how he would nail them and bend the nail over to keep it secure.

Today is another beautiful summer day in the Pacific Northwest, I plan to be looking so that I don't miss the little blessings. 

I will be joining Home and Garden Thursday at A Delightsom Life.


  1. Your garden is beautiful. nothing like a relaxing stroll through God's great garden to refresh! My favorite is the bird bath full of succulents, that is what I would like to do one day.

  2. What a pretty garden Sherry! Your discount plants sure do love their new home!!
    I especially like the California Lilac and wish we could have that here in the midwest. I've never seen it.
    I've enjoyed my stroll thru your garden!!

  3. Your garden is beautiful! I definitely love the cottage look. It's sort of like entering a home that immediately feels cozy. That California lilac is so very pretty. And the fencing your grandpa made is a true treasure. I bet he is smiling every time you put a lick of paint on them. :) So cute to see the guys on the couch -- both with their gadgets. Have a great day. Tammy

  4. What a pretty garden. I like the flower arrangement with the flag and am envious of your hen and chicks. I've always wanted a big container of those. Seems I try with them every year, but they don't seem to grow much for me. The picture of your grandson doing "business" was cute....he must have been doing something really important! Thanks for stopping by my blog today to say hello.

  5. I love the cottage look too, but you are right, it can so easily get out of control!

    Thank you for your really sweet comment on my guest post, i forgot that you had won one of my trays! I love doing mosaics, but have not done one forever...I am looking forward to setting aside some time!


  6. Your yard is beautiful! We love our plants also, and thanks to having some rain this summer, they are doing really good.

  7. Oh Sherry...taking a break from it all...I love that photo of the two "little" boys on the couch!

    isn't going outside for a stroll with your camera in of the most peaceful things to do! I love it.....all your photos are so pretty.

    stop by to visit my studio space...I'm linked to Karen's blog party

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  8. Hello Sherry, it is restorative to take a walk in the garden -you do have a lovely cottage garden! I love your California Lilac - it is beautiful - all the flowers are! The family pictures are wonderful - I love the homemade fencing - such a treasure - I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,