Monday, July 9, 2012

Pretty New Ironing Board Cover

I have a small ironing board in my sewing room that has looked pretty bad for some time.  I decided it was time to make it pretty.  I took the old cover off, pulled the string out of it and placed it on top of my fabric to use as a pattern.

It does look pretty bad and has a few holes in it.

After cutting the fabric using the old cover as the pattern I sewed extra wide double fold bias tape all around the edge.  I then strung a cord all the way through, using a safety pin to pull it through with.  I would sew the cord, actually heavy string, right inside the tape if I were to do it again, it would be much faster.

The board was then covered with two layers of white fleece. I was planning to use a staple gun but since one of my sons must have borrowed it, I used good old multi-use duct tape.

Now here is my board with its new cover.  Much better!

I sit my little board on top of an old stool which sits beside my sewing machine.  It it just the right height and I can quickly turn and press while sewing.
Boy does that dresser need a coat or two of paint, one step at a time I keep telling myself.

After work today my husband and I took a walk to the park on the lake, a few blocks away, and spent a little time enjoying the beautiful day.  Part of Patrick's recovery from surgery involves walking every day and this was a great day for that.  We returned to our back yard and ate our dinner at the table on the patio.  I noticed while sitting there that it was time to pick a few raspberries and cut some lavender.

What isn't eaten will be added to the bag in the freezer.

I will hang this lavender to dry, it smells wonderful.
We are so thankful for the beautiful day we enjoyed today.

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  1. Oh, my poor ironing board needs a new cover. Kudos to you for making a beautiful new one for yours.

  2. I love your new cover, Sherry! I need one, too. In fact, every time I pull it out I think about it. : ) Your lavendar looks beautiful ~ I'll bet it smells great, too!

  3. What a pretty new cover! I love the fabric.

  4. Sure is nice when you can easily spruce something up. I definitely need a new ironing board cover as mine has no padding left whatsoever. Glad to hear you had a beautiful start to the week. Fresh raspberries. Yum! Best wishes, Tammy