Friday, July 13, 2012

Where Bloggers Create 2012

I am participating in Where Blogger's Create 2012 at My Desert Cottage

I had planned to make several changes to my creative space this year and did not complete as much as I had hoped to.  I do love to spend time in my sewing room/creative space.  For many years the dining room table was where I sewed and did any kind of crafts or projects.  I am so thankful for a room to keep everything together and I can leave projects out and to have all of my materials and collections around me.

My space is upstairs in one of the two bedrooms.  To the left is my room and there is a guest room on the right.  I store a few things in the guest room also but they are all behind the closet door so the room doesn't look too cluttered.
I did not even notice our cat Lily on the stairs until I loaded the picture on to my computer.  She loves to spend time lounging on my chair in my room or on the bed in the guest room.

At the top of the stairs is my little wrapping/card writing station.

This is my space from the doorway.

The old green table on the left was made by my grandfather for my grandparents first home.

The sewing machine desk is on my list to be painted white but as you can see I did not get to it.

This closet is behind the door when you enter the room.

I like the fact that so much can be out of sight but I know where to find it.

Organized clutter, pens, pencils, scissors, paint brushes, etc.

An old doll pattern, cut out and ready to begin stitching.

I am a big fan of pincushions. 

Just a few of my books and magazines.
I enjoy quilting, cross stitch, embroidery, crochet, decoupage, and many other types of crafts and projects.

The dresser on the right is another project on my list, it will be painted white.
I just completed my new ironing board cover.  The board is sitting on an old wooden stool, just the right height for turning from my machine and pressing.

I did make this sewing machine cover this year.  Bari J at We Love French Knots had a stitch along and provided the design with tutorials for the stitching.  I used Jacquelynne Steves fabric to complete the project.  Visit Jacquelynne at The Noble Wife to see her latest fabrics and patterns.

My valance is made with tea towels and little birdie clips.

I sometimes think I should simplify so I put some things away in boxes and drawers.  I try that for a while and I seem to go right back to my organized clutter. 

The blocks on the table are from the Beginner's Quilt Along, hosted by Pat Sloan.  Those who know me know that I always have several projects going at once as I am sure many of you do.

I have an assortment of sewing baskets, some empty, some full of treasures.
The sewing machine picture I completed this year and was also a project I found on

We are now looking back toward the door, I see a little bit of me in the mirror.

I like to sit and look around and think about a project. I may be sitting there a while trying to remember where I put something (that seems to be happening more often). I can use this chair when it is not occupied by a long haired gray cat.  I also keep a lint roller handy to use before sitting. 
 Much of my fabric is on the open shelves behind the chair. 

I love books, old and new.

Little doll, a gift from my sister Becky and my birthstone girl, a gift from my Mom.

"It's a Little Bit French" stitch along.

White lace and trims

White buttons are my favorite.

A place for everything.

A treasured box made for me by a fellow blogger.

I love this book Embroidery Stitches 1908.

I am so thankful for the space I have to be creative and for a husband that understands my need to spend time there.  What ever your space big or small enjoy the process of creating.


  1. It is beautiful and I love being able to imagine you there working and giving your mind a 'get away' place.

  2. Your space is so sweet and inviting and I just love the way you display your little collections. Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Sherry,
    What a beautiful welcoming space you have. I love all the things to look at and those vintage sewing baskets are a favorite of mine! All the neat things you have....a room full of love and fun!

  4. Love your creative Space. Super charming with all the cute details. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  5. Very warm and inviting. Love all the baskets!

  6. I love organized chaos. And I love your creative space, Sherry! That little book must be wonderful to look at. Stitches from 1908. How wonderful! I enjoy seeing all your pretty projects. My craft stuff is all over the place, just like Jingles hair! :/ where's my lint brush? Ha! Have a great weekend. Tammy

  7. What a beautiful space you have, Sherry.

  8. Wow I love your space!!! The pincushions hanging caught my attention first...I love them too! And the sewing notions just make me drool!! You've done a great job on your room...I'd love to go through all your lovelies!
    Give Lily and scratch on her ears for me!
    Blessings, Doni

  9. Just lovely!! I really like the valance, sewing machine cover, and the embroidery of the sewing machine you did. Thanks for coming to my studio...loved your kind words. Hugs

  10. Oh this is super, I live with organised clutter too!! Love your Kitty what a lovely colour she is, Thanks for sharing your space, Hazelxo

  11. Such a nice room. All of your embroideries and stitcheries are so pretty. Thank you for sharing.

  12. I love your space, so cozy..
    I specially love your sewing notions, one of my favs
    Thanks for sharing your space.

  13. What a comfortable and cozy space to work in. Just lovely!

  14. Sherry you have so many wonderful goodies to play with and create things! I'm sure you spend many wonderful hours in there completely happy!! Thank you so much sharing it with us. Enjoy the party!!!

  15. Great space and storage all the sewing baskets!

  16. Great space, Sherry! Don't you love being able to leave a project in progress. That is one thing I am so glad of with an actual room this year. I see you've got lots of fabric, too. I just went through some of my smaller pieces {reality called and said, "No, you will not ever need them!"} and cleared them out after I took the pictures of my room. I also have furniture I'd like to paint white, but I think they will be done as I feel like tackling them. Thankfully, it's really only the two tables I have, but that still means shifting stuff around. You've got some great natural light in here, too. Thanks so much for the tour!

  17. Such a beautiful and creative space. I love it. Of course, I love your whole house.

  18. You have a lovely studio space. We seem to share a love of sewing baskets! I enjoyed your tour..thanks for sharing.

  19. Sherry, we share the same love of embroidery. I have so many samplers finished lol! Your space is great. We all need a room to call our own. This is my first time at the party and I am thrilled to be meeting so many creative ladies. ♥ ஆ

  20. I love your little attic space that you have transformed into a beautiful and creative space for yourself. Thanks so much for sharing. I would love it if you would visit me. I've linked up my space too.


  21. Beautiful workspace! Thank you for sharing.

  22. I so love that you have your grandfather's table - how special. And I also have several projects going at once - drives my hubby crazy, but it's the only way i can work! (And besides that, what is hubby doing in MY craft room - LOL)

  23. Everything looks so cozy and inviting. I'd love to craft in a room like that!

  24. Love the upstairs studio -- you have amazing light too! Gorgeous space and "stuff" TFS

  25. What a sweet space, adore the little writing nook, so much charm here, thank you for sharing.

  26. Beautiful.... I love the feel and look of your space!

    Will be back soon and thanks so much for sharing.


  27. Your space is so cozy and comfortable! Very charming and I love your collections!


  28. Thank you Sherry for opening up your studio space. It has a very comfy homely feeling and charming too. Love your basket collection and your fabrics being a fabric artist - I can't resist fabrics.

  29. Hi, Sherry and thanks for the tour! I love your creative space!! Love the sloping walls/ceiling...our bonus room is like that, but we use if for an extra TV, guestroom, etc.

    Lovely space and I actually kind of like some of the furniture items left wood-colored -provides some nice visual contrast.

    Furry helpers are the BEST. Lily was a little bit camouflaged on that first picture! LOL

    Soggy Bottoms Baby Duds blog

  30. your room is very charming, sherry:) love your grandfather's desk, your valance of towels, and the great idea for the iron board--that's so clever!

  31. Oh, I am crazy about your space. I love some of your storage ideas and hope you will come visit me. I am a new follower here.

    1. You have such a lovely and inviting space. I love the concept of organized clutter! I'm going to use that next time there are complaints at my house about my piles! ;)
      Thanks for stopping by my blog too!

  32. I love the tea towel and bird clip curtain, the table from your grandfather and all the beautiful and unique touches you have scattered around the room! I also love your kitty on the stairs!

  33. Your studio space is so cozy and inviting. I really like the sewing machine cover you made. It's also wonderful that you are able to use the table your grandfather made. It makes it so special to include family items in your space. Thanks for visiting my studio and your kind comments.

  34. What a wonderful space.... I'd be inspired there, I'm sure!


  35. Hi Sherry, You have a great space and I'm oooing and awwing over your thimble collection and the steamer trunk, funny what catches our eye, Love all of it, have fun visiting all the spaces, it may take us all a few weeks or more, I plan on seeing all of them, you find so many great and creative ideas. Just when you think you have your space just the way you want it you will see another idea to add to the "want to do list" Hugs and happy creating:) Marilou

  36. Hi Sherry!
    I love your studio (and thanks for visiting me!). I am running late, because my German Shepherd (shown on my porch) became very ill on Saturday and has been in the vet hospital ever since with hemolytic anemia, he has had 1 blood transfusion so far and is on high-dose Prednisone, Immuran and vincristine. I am tentatively hopeful today. So please send good thoughts to Marley D.
    That said, I love your thread racks, your sewing basket collection, and the way you are so organized. Love all your creative ideas! Linda

  37. So cute and cozy
    It would be fun to just sit and look at it all

  38. Thank you for visiting my blog! Just love your happy creative space! It's been so much fun to see how everyone plays!
    Have a great day!

  39. I find your space very cozy and warm, love all the knitting things (like in the basket) it gives me good memories about my mum, she's a knitter and crafter, she lives over seas. I like your vintage pieces you have through out your space. Thank you for sharing your space with all of us.

  40. It's easy to see why you'd love to spend time there, it is lovely! I adore the vintage items and old books! (oh and a certain grey cat too!) thank you for the tour!

  41. Cozy and inviting space to work in!
    Thank you for stopping by as well....

  42. Love your work area... and did I spy some thimbles in there too. Looks like a lovely area to go create! :)

  43. Hi. Love your cozy space. I noticed your baskets and all that great reading material. Love that old book of stitches. I also saw on your profile that we have been married about the same amount of time. Congrats! Thanks for stopping by my blog, come over and I will teach you how to weave a basket. Susan

  44. Sherry, your room is fabulous! I LOVE all the vintage sewing baskets. For such a small space it is cozy, well organized and very charming. I used to sew alot, but now it's very minimal. I could stay in this room for hours and be quite content. LOVE your sewing machine cover too. Thanks for sharing your beautiful space.

  45. Hi Sherry! Thank you so much for your sweet comment.
    I love all your baskets and sewing supplies. I never learned how to sew and I wish I had.
    Have a wonderful day,
    Natacha (from Luxembourg)

  46. You have a very cozy vintage space to create in, it must be so much fun for you! I love your collection of hankies and what a great way to display them. It's also great that you have a comfy chair to relax in while you enjoy your books and magazines. Thanks for the tour!

  47. Love your space and love what you create.