Saturday, May 18, 2013

It's For the Birds Giveaway Winner

I have chosen a winner for my little bird pincushion giveaway.  It was part of my It's For The Birds Blog Hop post. picked number 51 and Sandra is the winner.
Sandra said -
Both of your projects are so cute. Take your time with machine quilting and it will be beautiful.

Thank you Sandra, I will try to be patient and enjoy the process.

I received many kind comments and had great fun with this blog hop. 
I was up early and have already completed a project this morning, I will be giving the pillow I created as a gift so I will have to share it later.
Have a great Saturday! 


  1. Blessings to you and yours Sherry! Sunny here on the island (not for you though, rather large looming clouds nearby!)

  2. Congratulations to Sandra. Sherry your little bird pincushion is precious. Happy Hearts are Creative Hearts...

  3. Congratulations Sandra, that is sooo cute! you accomplished more than me today, good for you!


  4. Congratulations to Sandra for winning that really cute pincushion!