Sunday, May 5, 2013

My Kind of Shopping

I had a birthday last month and received so many fun and thoughtful gifts from friends and family.  One of my gifts was a gift card from JoAnn Fabrics, thank you Becky.  So off I went to do some fun shopping. 

I knew I needed some new small pins, mine seem to just disappear, vanish, poof they are gone.  The Cottage and Bungalows magazine has an article and featuring Anne Lory from the blog Fiona and Twig and I had been looking for a copy.  I was told that a Rotating Cutting Mat would help with my blocks for the sew-along I am doing with Melanie at Fabric Chicks.  I will share my blocks soon.  I was excited to find the book Redwork with a Twist by Pat Sloan.  I have already completed a project from the book, I'll share it with you Thursday on my "Its for the Birds" blog hop post.

I hope you had a good weekend.  
Whatever the week ahead brings I want to start and end each day with a thankful heart.


  1. You lose pins, I lose needles, what the heck happens to them? all I can say is that I walk and sit very carefully, just-in-case :{

  2. Oh it is so nice to receive a gift from a friend that really knows what you want, how nice and Happy Belated Birthday!