Friday, September 24, 2010

Master Bedroom Update

I wrote a post not long ago about how I had finally finished our master bedroom the way I wanted it, click here to see it.  Well I changed my mind and made a change or two more.  I was motivated by a special issue of Victoria Magazine called Rooms of BlissI realized that my room needed to be lightened so we did that by changing the curtains.

My favorite section of this magazine was Cottage Style

 There is a quote that reads
"Better is joy in a cottage than sorrow in  a palace."  - Anonymous 

This is one of the lovely pictures from the magazine

My husband always describes my style of decorating as ecclectic cottage so I guess that is why this section  of the magazine appealed to me most.
Another reason for showing the old and new pictures is so that I can link this post to Show Us Your Life Friday/Bedrooms at Kathy's Korner

I will share some pictures from my earlier post of the things I have not changed and then I will show you before and after
 of the things I did change.
We live an a house built in 1940 so the  master bedroom is not as large as the master bedrooms are in newer homes.
In these pictures we kind of travel in a circle around the room. 

Now I will show you the changes the Victoria magazine's neutral cottage inspired me to make.


We added white lacey curtains and they just brightened the room.

I also changed the top of the wardrobe, remember the TV is inside.

The two chairs, close together are for TV watching or reading .
As I look at this picture I have an idea for a new lampshade and chair slipcover for the chair.

This is the cross-stitch I made for us when we celebrated our
 30th Wedding Anniversary.
It is now on top of the wardrobe.
I will also link this post to Victoria-Return to Loveliness at
A Delightsome Life.


  1. Sherry,
    Your bedroom is soooo pretty and romantic. I have been stalking that same magazine at the bookstores. I splurged on Romantic Country this month and so when I am in the store I pick up the Victoria and soak up that cottage section. I love the pretty purple touches you have and the lace curtains are just delightful!

  2. Good Morning Sherry!
    Your bedroom is so lovely both before and after.
    I love that magazine too. It's funny that you featured the room that I love so much! Great creative minds think alike! LOL!


  3. You say it is small but you make this room look very spacious. I love how the room is separated. It has a great flow. It looks beautiful and blissful! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Looks like lots more light. Very pretty.

  5. That's so lovely but I'm sure you will tweak it a bit more again. We all do. thanks for sharing.

  6. I loved the first bedroom design. it's lovely Sarah James Decorating Ideas

  7. Your nest is very warm and cozy! Thanks for commenting on my blog and thank you for the prayers.

  8. Wow your bedroom is so lovely, I wouldn't want to ever leave it if I were you. :)

  9. Your bedroom is beautiful...peaceful and restful. The colors are so tranquil. Love the touches of purple.