Saturday, September 25, 2010

Over 100 Followers Giveaway!

I have been posting on my Blessings From Our Nest Blog since March of 2010.  My profile says that I have been blogging since some time in 2008 because I set this blog up as a part of a training at work.  That is where my interest in reading blogs began.  A couple of years later I decided to blog to help motivate me to get projects done and try new things.  Well, here I am seven months later and I am thoroughly enjoying blogging.  The trick is to find a balance because I could spend way too much time in the world of blogging and neglect my purpose for blogging.

I have a reason for all this rambling,  I want to have a giveaway for all my blogging friends and those who read my blog.
I have over 100 followers now and decided I should have a
"Over 100 Followers Giveaway!"

Here is my plan.
We will be visiting with our daughter and her family in Wisconsin and I will not be blogging again until October 5th.
This is what I decide to giveaway.

One of my handmade tote bags.

I am showing a couple of examples of the over 25 bags I have made like these.  The winner of the random drawing will receive a bag made special for them by me.  You will be able to tell me what color or two color combination you would like and I will pick some fabric and make it for your right away and send it out.

The only requirement is that you must leave a comment on this post by midnight October 4th.
I will pick a winner on October 5th and notify the winner.
If you don't have a blog and I don't know you personally you must leave an email address so that I can contact you.
I am so looking forward to visiting Wisconsin.
Have a great week!


  1. Sherry I hope you have a wonderful trip and congratulations on your followers.


  2. Hey Sherry,
    Thanks for stopping by Nanniepannie's Blog. I took a look at yours and enjoyed it. You've got some lovely antique pieces. I know what you mean by spending too much time blogging, I may be addicted. Enjoy your visit with your daughter.

  3. They are really lovely bags and I would love to own one. Have a safe and fun trip. You should really see some leaves changing.

  4. Congratulations on your milestone, Sherry! I would love to win one of your charming totes! Have a fun trip!

  5. Congratulations,
    Here is to 100 more.
    I would love to win one of your lovely tote bags.

  6. Sherry, have a wonderful visit. What a neat giveaway! I know any of the fabric you would choose would look fabulous!

  7. Have a fun and safe trip. What a fun idea to have a 100 follower give-away, I'm going to have to rethink that!!

  8. Oh how fun Sherry! Congrats on your many followers. Sounds like a great trip. Please enter my name in your giveaway (LOVE those bags!)!

  9. Hi Sherry! So nice to meet a new friend! Marsha just emailed me that we have been chosen to exchange Christmas ornaments this year! How fun!
    I love your blog and am so happy to follow you too!

  10. I'm a pretty new follower & I have enjoyed reading your blog very much! I hope you have a wonderful tine on your trip!

  11. Have fun on your trip! Will be praying for you!

  12. I'm jumping up and down with a happy grin. What a fun giveaway! Please enter me.

  13. What a fun give-away!! Your bags are beautiful!Have a wonderful time on your vacation....I will miss you in Bible Study!
    love katrina

  14. Well, I am so sorry that I wasn't able to get your pics up while you were home...but it couldn't be helped. I am blogging about you I guess it was appropriate today to send them over for your giveaway!

  15. Great totes! I do love stripes- maybe if I win you could make me one with stripes?!? Have a wonderful trip.

  16. Oh Sherry, Your totes are just adorable!!! Thank you so much for telling me about them...I'm so happy that you're going to see your daughter--have a wonderful time!!!!

  17. Hi Sherry, Please enter me, a girl can't have enough totes and yours are really sweet!
    Love your bedroom, love your linens with the touches of violet!
    Have a great trip too!

  18. Great bags, congrats on the followers!

  19. HI! I'm new in Quilting and click on suggestions to see what others have created. Read your profile and smiled to know I've met another family member! These handbags are beautiful and such a nice idea for a give away in celebration of followers! Congratulations! Hope you have a wonderful time with your daughter!
    Love, Debi

  20. Hi Sherry!

    Congrats on over 100 followers (I had to make 105 today! LOL). I hope you have a wonderful trip and visit!

    Your bags are just beautiful!

    Have a fantastic day!

  21. Those are some adorable bags! Who wouldn't want to win one of them. :)

  22. Who would not love winning one of your beautiful creations! Thank you for the opportunity. Hope you have a wonderful time in Wisconson.

    ps. I really like the Victoria Magazine too.

  23. So lovely creations:))
    Greetings from Europe, Biljana

  24. How blessed I am to have a friend like ShirleyC that told me about your blog. I love visiting here and wish you knew the inspiration you have given to me.


  25. Hi Sherry
    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a kind comment...
    Congratulations on 100! Blogging can take over, it is very time consuming and their is a balance one has to maintain. I have been away for several months now and missed it but life gets busy. It is fun to be back.
    Many Blessings and safe travels

  26. Congratulations on 100! I would love to win! throw my name in the hat!


  27. Congrats on 100 plus followers and thanks for hosting such a nice giveaway! Your tote bags are so cute. Just in case I won....I love red and green!! : )

    I lived in Wisconsin for eight years (82-90) and I loved it. Hope you have/had a wonderful time!

  28. It's after the 4th, so it's safe to leave another comment :0)

    I am updating the number of people in the holiday ornament exchange...and how many they would like to sign up for. On your original comment you said 4 or 5. Let me know if that changes!

    I have an ornament exchange tab at the top of the blog that lists all the members.