Friday, June 17, 2011

Fabric Flower Gift

Isn't it wonderful when someone sends your something in the mail just because they are thoughtful people and want to bless others.  Well that is what Sherry from Createology did for me.  I commented on her post about a special time she had shared with some friends and a special gift of a fabric flower she had made for each of her guests.  Guess what!  Sherry sent me one of her little flowers.

I love the way my little gift was wrapped in the hankie and with purple ribbon.

Sherry made one of these for each of her guests, she shares this on her blog, here.

Here is a closer picture of my little fabric and lace flower pin.
I told Sherry that I really like the way she spells her name.
Have a great weekend!


  1. That is the nicest pleasure. Receiving something unexpected just because. Such a pretty broach. Best wishes for a wonderful day. Tammy

  2. Well you deserve it, because you are always blessing others!!! It's a very cute little flower and the hankie is so pretty!!!

  3. Oh gosh!! I forgot to mail your gifty! I have some orders that I was trying to get done. Oh well, it will have to wait til Tuesday now. Sorry about that. At least it's a Christmas one!

  4. That's so sweet! It's so fun to get things in the mail!

  5. Isn't it wonderful when you are at a show and someone shows up with a lovely note and a wonderful little package for you also!!!
    I have not unpacked the car yet and somewhere in a box is my lovely little bird. I plan on posting but it might be awhile.
    The show was so hectic and I put him away quickly so he wouldn't get lost so I haven't hardly seen him
    Thank you for thinking of me

  6. You are going to be covered in fabric flower pins! These simple flowers are such a nice way to send a special thought. Incidentally, I have been thinking about Where Bloggers Create and I thought I either missed it or they weren't doing it this year so I am so glad to see your badge. I started getting my office ready for pictures but stopped when I couldn't find any information about this year's event. Can't wait!

  7. Hi Sherry. You are so very welcome. I am glad you like the flower and packaging. Thank you for the post. Wonderful weekend to you dear...

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  9. I really impressed the way little gift was you wrapped in the hankie and with purple ribbon. It is very unique work.