Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Our Garden Is Beginning To Bloom!

I have not spent much time at all out in our garden spaces, cold, rain and just plain yucky spring weather are my excuses. They seem to be doing quite well in spite of the neglect.  I have had a couple of new friends that have been quite busy all spring.  These cute little birds were a birthday gift from my sister Michele and have been busy in the back yard ever since they arrived here in April.

These two are the cutest little birds.
Caleb and Landon are resting after working with us in the flower beds and mowing the grass.

Here they are having a McDonald's picnic with Papa after their hard work, I think it was raining outside by then.

Landon is enjoying his fries.

Even before the patio had been swept and cleaned up this spring, Noah got busy watering the plants.

Landon left the sand box to join in on watering.

Caleb was on snail patrol. 

The plants in this bed are pretty young, but I was happy to finally get it weeded.  There is a story to tell about that big stack of wood in the left corner of the picture.  We had to take a tree out of our front yard, I will share about our tree in another post.

Just a short time later the plants have grown quite a bit and things are blooming.



Day Lily

My flowering currant looked great this year, it didn't flower much last year but I think it has settled in to its home now.

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  1. Your garden is beautiful! And I am thinking you might want to stop by my blog and read Tuesdays post. *grin*

  2. Everything looks great to me. So nice that your grandboys get to help in the garden. Love that flowering currant. Have a wonderful Wednesday, Tammy

  3. Your garden is looking wonderful! I love Verbascum and but it when ever I see it. It has such an old fashion look. Jean

  4. Your flowers are so pretty, it look like you had some wonderful help!!!!!
    Adorable little birds!!!

  5. I like the last photograph. It looks very attractive and beautiful in your blog. Planting beautiful flower is great idea.

  6. What a lovely day you guys had! Your little helpers are precious and your yard is looking wonderful. Everything down here in Texas is drying up and dying - it so, so hot and so, so dry. How ironic that half of the country is under water and the other half is becoming a dust bowl.

  7. Oh my gosh, Sherry!! How gorgeous!! And your "little guys" are so cute!


  8. What a great day in the garden, So lucky to have thos grand kids!! What is the name of the blue flowers that look like forget me nots but easier to grow and the leaves are big? I love them.
    Want to let you know I am having another giveaway for the month of June - would love you join in.
    Blessings, L

  9. I also planted Verbascum, Geranium and Day Lily in my garden. I am too much crazy for planting different flowers and vegetables plants also.

  10. I found, There is a story to tell about that big stack of wood in the left corner of the picture. Your shared photographs are awesome and very beautiful.