Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Savoring Summer

It is summer and today felt like it here in the Pacific Northwest. 

Savoring Summer Memories

 At the Water Park

Playing dress up from the costume chest

Slip and Slide at Papa and Grandma's

All of the grandchildren's shoes lined up by the door.

Summer Decor

Simple changes to make the room lighter and brighter.

Summer curtains and bird pillow.
The sunshine in the window helps to show it is summer.

Summer Garden

1999 Victoria Magazine
I have read this many times and still enjoy the articles

"We've learned to do a lot with a little."
Jo Ann Gardner
I think we have been influenced by gardeners and gardens like the one in the article above.
I like to think that a lot can be done with a little in most everything we do.

We savor the time we are able to spend relaxing in our backyard garden in the summer.

The Summer Sun Shone Round Me

The summer sun shone round me,
The folded valley lay
In a stream of sun and odour,
That sultry summer day.

The tall trees stood in the sunlight
As still as still could be,
But the deep grass sighed and rustled
And bowed and beckoned me.

The deep grass moved and whispered
And bowed and brushed my face.
It whispered in the sunshine:
"The winter comes apace."

by Robert Louis Stevenson

Savor the minutes God gives you this summer.
They are a gift.

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  1. Happy summer to you and yours. Look like it is off to a great start. Nice change in the living room! And your garden area is so beautiful. Enjoy! Best wishes, Tammy

  2. Beautiful pics! Love the change in your living room.

    Sherry, you won my give away for the antique trims and such. If you could please email me your snail mail address - I can get your items to you this week.

  3. Hello Sherry, this is such a lovely post - I am sure it is fun to watch your grandchildren enjoy summer fun and to hear their laughter! Beautiful gardens, enjoying grandchildren, family and that special one - these are the treasures of summer! Thank you for sharing this with Savoring Summer,

  4. What lovely summer memories and images - the change in decoration is perfect as well...so much fun and great memories to be had. Enjoy the season with your family!

  5. Oh, you are having a beautiful summer!!!

  6. I think
    blooms more
    beautifully in
    the PAC NW!
    Love, love your
    sweet gardens.
    xx Suzanne

  7. Thank you for this post!!!!! I love those memories from last summer! Can't believe it's been so long, we miss all of our nieces and nephews. I love you Sherry.

  8. Aren't summers wonderful? When my kids were younger I loved summer because I had them all to myself. I do miss that now. Thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment. I so appreciate it. I'm a new follower.