Friday, March 23, 2012

Quilting Retreat Fun

A couple of weeks ago my sister Lynda and I were able to attend a 3 day retreat where we sewed, ate, talked and met some very creative and inspiring ladies.  We traveled to a town called Coupeville on Whidbey Island where we stayed two nights at a Bed and Breakfast a couple of blocks away from the retreat.  The retreat was sponsored by Melanie, the owner of my favorite fabric shop Fabric Chicks.  Visit her on-line shop if you live to far away to visit in person.  Melanie opened her shop twice each day and we all brought home more wonderful treasures to create with.

This is our workspace, there were ironing boards and cutting tables available around the room.  Lynda's 30 year old fabulous machine broke a short time in to the first day so we shared my machine.  I would cut and press while she sewed then she would cut and press while I sewed.

Lynda is working on her first Jelly Roll quilt and it looks like she is enjoying herself.

This is my Birdie Stitches project, not quite complete.

Here is Lynda's Jelly Roll quilt top.

It was fun to see what everyone was working on.  We had a very special time of show and tell.  A very talented lady who lives locally brought her Tall Ships quilt to share with us.  It is amazing!  All of the applique and is quilting done by hand

This cheerful quilt top was made by another of the ladies who attended.

The two projects below are what I was focused on finishing.  I left a couple of the embroideries for this first quilt at home so I was not able to complete it at the retreat.  I did get quite a bit done though.

This quilt is called A Faithful Friend and was designed by Lena Green
Most of the fabrics I used in this quilt are Fig Tree.

This was my first experience with so much piecing.

The second project I worked on while at the retreat was my Birdie Stitches quilt.  This was a Block of the Month designed by Corey at  Little Miss Shabby

Our time at the retreat was relaxing and inspiring, I am ready to do this again soon.


  1. Sounds like you had as much fun at your retreat as I did at the one I went to last weekend...great to share the same interests with some really great, eat, laugh and share that's what we did for 3 days quilters rock!!

  2. Oops, wanted to say also I worked on the same quilt top as you "Little Birdie Stitches" how ironic!