Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring "Mantle" and Table Top

I thought I would share a few pictures of my attempts to bring some spring to other parts of the house.  I have been inspired by the many mantles and tabletops I have seen with so much attention to detail.  I pulled out my spring box before the inspiration disappeared and did what I could.

My bookcase/mantle.  It is always hard to get a picture with the mirror behind it.

Now it is time to head outside, even if it is necessary to bundle up.  I just have to see what is coming up in the garden and just do a little digging in the dirt.

Linking to Show Off Your Cottage Monday at The House In The Roses

Have you voted for your favorite block at the Crazy Old Ladies Quilt blogOne of my blocks made the finals.  It isn't getting many votes but I thought I would remind you to take a look here and vote before times up.


  1. Hi Sherry, thanks for visiting my blog...You have so many pretty things on display and everything looks fantastic! I think I see a familiar cross stitch piece on the wall ;-)



  2. Oh, I like that oblong mirror and the little chicks are too cute!

  3. Very pretty, Sherry! I would say you succeeded in bringing Spring into this room!

  4. Luckily the spring is coming to Norway also these days. Happy to find another finalist in the block contest. Look like I'm doing well there by now. Many beautiful blocks to look at there, yours as well. Good luck! And now I have a surprise for you. Please come to my blog, and you'll find out.