Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Meeting at The Raspberry Rabbits

I feel honored that Michelle of The Raspberry Rabbits featured my blog at her Monday Meeting.  I have been reading her blog for some time and I am a big fan of her textile folk art.  I know that all of you who love needlework will enjoy her designs as I do. Even if needlework is not for you you will enjoy your visit to her blog just to see her beautiful creations and of course you will want to meet her bunnies, Sugie Bun Bun and Sir Walter Harrington.  Click on one of the links above and I guarantee you will enjoy visiting with Michele.

I have a link on my side bar for a Tea Swap and Blog Party.  Click on the link and take a look.


  1. Congratulations. Have just popped over to Michelles. Your write up is great and i love your apron and cushion and Michelles 'makes' are gorgeous too.

  2. Hi Sherry; Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a kind comment.
    You have a very nice blog. I can see you have a love of textiles too; I love your cushions and apron (snuck over to Michelle's blog).
    I'll see you on the blog, hugs.

  3. Hi, ShirleyC sent me to your blog awhile back. I have been visiting but today I thought I should say hello and I love your blog and inspiration. By the way Shirley thought we had a lot in common because we are both from washington.