Friday, November 12, 2010

Vintage Noel and Vintage Linens

O.K., I just had to stop at Goodwill again this week when I was out on the road and it was just two blocks off my planned route.  I gave myself a 15 minute limit and headed straight for the plates, bowls and glasses isle.  I found nothing there so I headed for the isle where there are sewing and craft supplies, kits, yarn, fabric, etc.  I found two plastic bags stuffed with linens, each priced at $2.99.  Of course they were stapled and taped closed so I had to make a decision, buy both or pick one and take my chances.  I chose to do the later, I am also trying to limit my spending to the cash in my wallet.  So I headed out and walked by the Holiday decorations tables, I took a quick look and found something  I just had to have for 99 cents.  Total, $3.98 plus tax.

Enough "talking", I will show you my finds.

First the linens

All of these items were stuffed in my $2.99 plastic bag.

A little closer view
I will add the four cut work napkins, bottom left,  to the six I purchased last summer and used in my
tablescape last week, they are very similar.

S M E, not my initials but I will find a way to use them separately.

I really like the tan colored netting like piece on the left.

This crochet edging was worth the price of the whole bag to me.

I really like the flower ring crochet trivet and the two napkins in the back right.
I will have to work a little on the stains.

This is what I found in the Christmas section for 99cents.

The pictures on the side of the box show suggestions on how to use this.

The television in this picture takes me back and makes me think vintage.

The couch and table in this picture make me think 50's or 60's

made by Campana's Art Novelties in Camden, NJ

I decided that if I left my Noel in this condition it would probably sit in it's original box and not be used, so I decided to update it.  I am working on that right now and will show my finished product at the end of this post.

Oh, I can't forget this, $1.00 at Goodwill last week, it will go on the back of my sewing chair in my sewing room.

I spray painted it off white, painted the holly and berries and covered it all with glitter.  I had thought of keeping it all white, but this way it will match my Christmas Holly Tea Pot.

Here we are all finished and back in its box, what do you think?

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  1. I love it! Goodwill is my favorite store to go right now. I've found some really cool things lately, the "Noel" decoration looks way better. And score on all those linens, money well spent:)

  2. Oh I love what you have done with the Noel--it now looks pretty!! I haven't seen any grab bags at my Good Will! Cool stuff.

  3. Love the NOEL - your version is so much prettier than the original. You got a great buy on th elinens too! Grab bags are such fun!

    Have a nice weekend!

  4. Wow you really found some lovely pices there and such a bargain. Love the NOEL makeover.

  5. Sherry, I LOVE what you did with your Noel! What kind of glitter did you use...I'd love to do something like that! Great deal on the linens, you found some great things for less than 4 bucks!

  6. Lovin' your Noel decoration! You really made it pretty-enjoy:@)

  7. I will do that, power shop, and sometimes I can really score by focusing on a few areas. I think you did well with your bag of linens. I agree you got your money's worth for sure. I love the NOEL (and box!!) and it would have stayed the same at my house, but OMG you really made it special. I wish I had that kind of talent. Thank you so much for linking up with Junkin Finds Friday!

  8. It's a good thing that you decided to buy the bag of linens. You got some lovely pieces.

    Love what you did with the "Noel" too.


  9. Seems like I never can get enough of lace linens-but then I don't know what to do with them!

  10. Hello Sherry: First I really like your name! As for your goodwill treasures...WOW...we don't have deals like that here in CA. I love everything you got. As for about tea or coffee dying to add to the vintage look? Your update to NOEL is beautiful...very very beautiful. Happy weekend to you...

  11. Great finds. That noel sign is great. I like it better with the glitter. But that box is cute with all the old graphics.

  12. I love how you saw the potential in the Noel. It's adorable. I really like vintage Christmas and Halloween. You sound like me when I go into a thrift store. I head to the dish/glass aisle first, then over to the linens, then baskets,books, and children clothing. Thanks for sharing the inspiring finds!~Ames

  13. Hi Sherry, the finds are really wonderful. LOVE the vintage linens, so many pretty pieces and then the NOEL really made the whole trip! Thanks for linking up with VIF!

  14. Great finds!! I would have loved to have gotten ahold of those linens!

  15. Fabulous finds! I looove what you did to your NOEL, it's just perfect!!! Thanks for sharing! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  16. Oh my! Fabulous! What finds! I always have
    to stop at the GW also... it is so close to my
    house! Never found linens like that though!

    Love the Christmas decoration also!

    Flora Doora

  17. I just can't believe what is out there just waiting to be discovered! Love what you did with NOEL! Jacqueline

  18. Great finds! I love thrift stores, you never know what you may find. :)

  19. I think you did fantastic with the bag of linens. There are some very pretty pieces.

  20. I love when I find a bag of vintage linen. I always figure it was a really young person doing the pricing, thinking "It is a bunch of old stuff" LOL!


  21. Your "NOEL" turned out wonderful...I would never have thought of doing that! Love the beautiful linens, too!